FinTechWise (FinTech Pitch Deck)

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FinTech is one of those industries that ought to stay for the long run. FinTechWise is a deck accordingly.

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FinTechWise (FinTech Pitch Deck Template)

To convince investors, startups have to convey their product designs and business goals that may prove to be beneficial for people, and Fintech businesses are no exception. For convincing investors, a pitch deck will be needed. That’s why to help FinTech businesses, we have designed FinTech Pitch Deck template (FinTechWise).

FinTech Pitch Deck Template
FinTech Pitch Deck Template
FinTech Pitch Deck Template

Essential slides of our FinTech Pitch Deck Template

Cover slide

In FinTechWise RCT, you can replace Fintech’s logo and slogan with your own ones.

Introductory slide

By keeping it brief, we aim to capture the attention of investors quickly, highlighting the key aspects of FinTechWise.

Problem slide

The problem slide of FinTechWise explains what problems its target customers are currently facing.

Solution slide

The solution slide explains the basics of the platform including what solution it offers and how customers can reach it.

Features slide

This is where FinTechWise focuses on the specific features that make its solution valuable to its target market.

Team slide

FinTechWise’s team slide Lists the founder first, followed by other key members of the team.

Business model slide

To convey to investors at a glance how FinTechWise operates, this slide highlights three core business models that are used to generate revenue.

Market opportunity slide

This Slide of FinTechWise describes who its customers are and how big the market for its FinTech solution is.

Financial Projections Slide

This slide of FinTechWise gives investors a clear picture of how the company is going to perform financially in the future.

Investment ask slide

Before ending the deck, it’s time for startups to explain how much funding they need to develop this big project.


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