T-shirt Business Plan Template in Google Docs [2023]

T-shirt Business Plan Template
T-shirt Business Plan Template

Ever thought about opening a T-shirt store as a side gig? If you are wondering if it is a good business idea or not, I assure you that it’s profitable, fun, and easy to start too. I know what you are wondering; where do you start from? No worries; we will not leave you hanging. This post will help you consolidate your business plan to start the perfect T-shirt business. Also, through a click of a button, you will be able to access the perfect and free t-shirt business plan template.

Download the T-Shirt Business Plan Template (in Google Docs)

ThreadWorks is our Real-Content Template (RCT) invention for your T-shirt business. Albusi has developed and designed an RCT so you can easily put your hands on a real business plan. It’s a merge between an actual business plan and a template.

You can easily check out and download the template here:

Note: You might need to click on “File“ then “Make a copy” to be able to use the template.

I know you must think that you have now got all you need. However, I don’t advise you to stop scrolling. Keep learning about how to put the template to the best use.

Things To Consider Before The T-Shirt Business Plan Template


You will not imagine the increased demand for a local Egyptian t-shirt business only because they were able to create something different. They offered their t-shirts in a very catchy packaging pizza box!

What you need to focus on in your business is how to offer something unique to your niche. Research the market and add your touch to create something appealing and catchy.


The materials you use in making your t-shirts will also help in creating your customer base. Use high-quality comfort materials that make your buyers wait for your new collection every season. An important thing to consider here is the list of suppliers that you have to provide you with your high-quality fabrics. You should always plan to have alternative solutions to have the supply you need in case anything happens with your suppliers.


If you were able to get everything right in your product, but the t-shirts you sell got torn after a few times of washing them, you have a problem. I am just reminding you to train your team and workers to have a high-quality finished good that people can wear for a long time. We are thinking about sustainability here. We don’t want to business to close after two years of operating.

The T-shirt Business Plan Template

Now, let‘s dig into some of the main pillars of the business plan template.

1: Executive Summary

This should engage your reader quickly. Simply put, you summarize every one of the coming sections in your business plan. It’s the introduction to your business, yet you might need to draft it last thing since you depend on the other sections to complete it.

In our template, we introduced ThreadWorks with what it offers, its go-to-market, and its operating team. This section also ends with a concluding paragraph.

2: Company Overview

In this section, you will detail the type of t-shirt business you are operating and the key company information. In our template, we focused on information such as the management team, the brand and values, and legal compliance.

3: Products

Your problem and solution are explained next. You start listing the problems in the industry and the solution that you offer with your products. The key features section is also exciting to add for your reader.

4: Marketing Opportunity

This starts with the marketing opportunity first, which also explains your go-to-market. You tell your reader the research you have completed and how well-aware you are of the industry you are entering. This section also tells the reader about how successful your business will be. Additionally, this proves to readers that you are an expert in your industry.

5: Marketing Plan

You then take us through the plan you have put in place to tell your niche about your t-shirt business. You include your marketing strategies, such as the website, social media platforms, stores, and others.

6: Operational Plan

Your operations plan describes how you will meet the goals and objectives you promised your readers to implement. Here, you introduce your team and your road map. Brag about the potential of your team and add realistic milestones to your roadmap. Ideally, you and/or your team members have direct experience in the t-shirt business. If so, highlight this. Also, highlight any experience that you think will help your business succeed. For the roadmap, you can also explain both your short-term processes and long-term goals.

7: Financial Projections

Finally, you close by showcasing the financials of your t-shirt business. In our template here, ThreadWorks has developed a detailed financial projection for three years. Adding financial ratios and metrics here goes out of question. Income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements are common to be shared here.

Final Thoughts – The Free T-shirt Business Plan Template

Putting everything together, you now have your cheat sheet with a detailed, organized, and free t-shirt business plan template to start your business. I am just reminding you of how important it is to think about the uniqueness, fabrics, and finishings of your t-shirts.

Finally, we have shared some guidelines to help you start your business and draft a good concrete business plan. However, if you’re out of time and want a consultant to help you plan and complete this, contact one of our freelancers. I highly recommend it.

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