Real Content Templates (RCTs)

Visit and explore, or just type in the search bar the real-content templates that you‘re looking for.

RCTs or Real Content Templates are the merges between a template and an actual document. You’ll be able to harness the power of both the beautiful design and the accurate content.

Real Content Templates are designed by our in-house design team and written by our consultants with the help of AI.

Templates in the online markets are all full of “lorem ipsum.” Yet, RCTs are created in a way that they could be immediately used after minor modifications from your end. This will spare you time, inspire you, as well as enhance your content.

We design once a day. Hence, the business plan, pitch deck, financial model, or business document you’re looking for will probably be on Albusi in time.

Let’s take an example – if you are interested in creating a podcast and looking for a presentation to showcase a potential partner or investor. We’ve created a Podcast RCT with the name “Mind Meld” that would help you more than a normal template. It looks like this:

Podcast Real Content Template
Podcast Real Content Template

For the time being, all RCTs are open to the public. In time, we‘ll charge a monthly premium of $5 to maintain the creation of those RCTs. We usually get inspired by reviewing what people are searching for in terms of templates and then work with our team to create the ultimate RCT for each query.

We do our best, but we‘re only human. If there‘s an RCT you believe could improve, please let us know!

Additionally, feel free to shoot us your requests so that we’d design them and add them to the marketplace:

RCTs or Real Content Templates is a term created by Albusi GmbH in Zurich, Switzerland.