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We have clients who raised $120m+ and others who got accepted in YC and 500 Global.

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Insert Stonks raised $500k in pre-seed with an MVP with our strategy.

Stackup got admitted into YC with the help of our pitch deck design.

Amused got into 500 Global with the help of our content.

How We Worked With ExoTwiin‘s Founder To Storyboard And Craft The Perfect Pitch Deck In The Digital Twinning Industry.

Louis Paul needed a pitch deck for his digital twinning startup. He was introduced to us by word of mouth by another successful client of ours. Thereby, here’s what we did:

  • He needed this for a pre-seed investment.
  • Digital Twinning is an up-and-coming industry.
  • We needed to convey this.

Our 4 stages are simple: Storyboarding, Design Concept, First Draft, and Final Draft.

We drew a storyboard that looks like this ↓

ExoTwiin's Storyboard

We had a few design concepts to show Louis Paul; then some of our slides of the final deck looked like this ↓

ExoTwiin Pitch Deck — Slide 2
ExoTwiin Slide 2
ExoTwiin Pitch Deck — Slide 10
Slide 10 – Market
ExoTwiin Pitch Deck — Slide 7
Competition – Slide 7
ExoTwiin Pitch Deck — Slide 5
Slide 5
ExoTwiin Pitch Deck — Slide 8
Slide 8

But Louis Paul is not the only one.

We had over 100 clients, some of which have raised over $120 million in Germany.

Other Pitch Deck Case Studies ↓

Yalla Xash
ARR > $100k

Raised €1.6m

NFL’s 1st Crypto Deal

Mon. Traffic > 10k

Life saver! An intelligent, thoughtful, and well-considered approach to presentation structure and delivery.

Amazingly responsive and prompt feedback on any queries.

Good suggestions and even provided insights from well-researched sources to strengthen the deck.

Good clean output. Thank you for your help at a critical time! Would trust and recommend highly 🙂

Geotourist Founder (Shaon)

Al is a pro at making pitch decks. He asks the right questions to understand your business on top of his own market research. He really came through for us on a very tight deadline, and he delivered! Thank you once again 🙂

Subliminator‘s Founder (Hicham)

Excellent work by Al. Very knowledgeable and patient, listens to feedback and makes changes in a timely manner. Highly recommended

Synchroverse Founder (Louie)

Also, you can immediately get started (yes, many clients prefer just sending us an email and getting started.)

Additionally, Feel free to access some of our real content templates (Downloaded 300+ times)

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