Human Investment-Prep In The Age Of AI.

  • We’re a small team in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Clients who went to YC and 500 Global.
  • Clients who raised $120m+.

Recent Use Cases

Our Signature Storyboard Process

  • Design: Our design team takes in the client’s brand guidelines and start to draft some ideas of how the deck could potentially look like.
  • Storyboarding: We start thinking from an investor/reader’s perspective and create the structure of the document accordingly.
  • Version 1: This is our first release of a stable pitchable version that the client could use to raise funds.
  • Version 2: This is the enhanced version to fit the client’s pitch based on the client’s input.

“The Tech” Pitch Deck Template

You need only a single pitch deck template that works for every situation. Our Swiss-based team worked for weeks to perfect this tech pitch deck template. Our investment consultants co-designed it in dark and light colors to incorporate your brand guidelines.

Structures Attached for YC, 500co, Sequoia, a16z.

54 Handdrawn Icons & 25 AI Images (Midjourney)

220 Slides (Google Slides)

Focus: AI, Blockchain, SaaS


Dark & Light theme.