The Big Apple Suite – An Airbnb Presentation Template

Airbnb Presentation Template – TheBigAppleSuite
Airbnb Presentation Template – TheBigAppleSuite

Airbnb has changed the world. But let’s cut to the chase – You want to make money out of it. You’re thinking of leasing or converting your current property to make some income with Airbnb. For this, you might need some people to help you fund this almost secure business idea. So for that, I thought I’d help you by creating an Airbnb presentation template based on real content. What I mean is that I’m literally putting myself in your shoes and creating a presentation that should get you a partner on board. It’s in Google Slides and you can download and use it as you wish.

FYI, I’m Al Anany, the founder of this startup. I’ve been in this business world for around 12 years. Let’s get to it.

The Airbnb Presentation Template in Google Slides

First things first. Here’s the template in Google Slides. Just remember to click “File”, then “Make a copy.” Also, after you see it, come back here to read the rest of this article it’ll aid you in using it properly.

I created an imaginary property called The Big Apple Suite based in New York. I branded it and created then this real content template. Check it out.

Now let’s talk about the details of this real content template (I’ll just call it RCT from now on.)

Airbnb Presentation Template Guide

I made it into a small 8-slide deck that only aims to intrigue and convince. Honestly, I usually create presentations for investors trying to convince them to invest millions in a startup. So if they’d be convinced with a small pitch deck, your real-estate partner surely will as well.


The most critical success factor of an Airbnb project is whether the market will grow in value in the future. Hence, an investor or a partner would want to hear more about the market. In regards to The Big Apple Suite, we need to talk about New York.

So I start off by mentioning market details as well as the reason for choosing NY.


Once you’ve seen that the market is convincing, it’s time to show the property itself. This is where this section comes in and tries to depict the vision in the most lucrative way. You could add more pictures or details whenever you have more details about your property. That would be wise.


This is the biggest elephant in the room. How much money will I make if I partner with you on this Airbnb project? You need to showcase a valid and obvious ROI. So in this slide, we mention it as clearly as possible. These are the costs, and this is the revenue. It’s simple.

Meet The Author Of This Article

Al Anany

That was your RCT today. I’m Al Anany, the founder and CEO of Albusi. Starting an Airbnb project has always been a lucrative idea. But you need to consider that some Airbnbs do not work out.

Your market research is your power tool in this sense. Do your homework.