TheBigAppleSuite (An Airbnb Project Pitch)

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Starting an Airbnb business could be the wisest thing you’ve done. You might need to pitch to a potential partner. Here’s a deck.

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TheBigAppleSuite (An Airbnb Project Pitch)

Starting an Airbnb project can be highly profitable due to the increasing demand for alternative accommodations and the cost savings it offers to travelers. However, you may need some investment to arrange a home to use for the Airbnb project. And for this, you will need an Airbnb Project pitch so that you can pitch to investors.

After analyzing over 100 presentations, we have included the most important 8 slides in our RCT – The bigAppleSuit.

An Airbnb Project Pitch

Essential Slides for an Airbnb Project Pitch

Market opportunity slide

This slide shows data that indicates the size of the New York market, the scope of the opportunity, and how starting an Airbnb project can be profitable for you as well as for investors.

Why select New York?

By presenting a compelling case for New York City as an ideal location for an Airbnb project, investors are more likely to consider it as a promising investment opportunity.

Property details

It is essential to showcase the property’s structure in the pitch deck to provide investors with a comprehensive understanding of its potential and value.

Financial Projections

The BigAppleSuit’s financial projections slide shows the estimated cost of running the suit.

Team slide

The team slide of The BigAppleSuit highlights the experience of the owner who will also work as a manager.

Growth Opportunities Slide

By showcasing the expansion plans the pitch deck provides investors with a clear vision of the company’s trajectory.

Last slide of An Airbnb Project Pitch

The contact slide makes it easier for stakeholders to initiate further discussions or inquiries.


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