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NeuroDex - AI Pitch Deck

ChatGPT and Bard raised the bar. Now AI is not only trending, but it has enormous pressure to become the next big thing, the next internet, the next moon landing. Hence, creating an AI startup is quite similar to creating an internet startup 30 years ago. So we‘ve decided to draft the perfect AI pitch deck for a fictional AI company in what we call a real-content template. The startup‘s name shall be NeuroCortex, derived from Neuralink.

This fictional startup focuses on developing advanced brain-computer interfaces (BCIs.)

Enough said, let‘s take a look at the pitch deck template!

The AI Pitch Deck in Google Slides

You need to know what I‘m talking about. For that reason, let me link you to the RCT immediately so that we would be on the same level of thought. After the link to the template, you can continue reading for a thorough analysis and review of the AI deck of NeuroCortex.

Alright, so whenever we create an RCT, we think about how the reader would perceive each question as well as what questions pop into their mind. Since it‘s a pitch deck, the reader is most likely an investor. So what would you wonder if you were an investor looking at NeuroCortex? Let‘s start this game of thought.

AI Introduction

The first thing I always like to do is to put the reader in the environment needed. In this case, I want you, the reader, to think of the future and expand your mind. Rather than think that an iPhone is quite advanced, think of it as an obsolete piece of equipment. For that reason, we are starting the RCT by showcasing a timeline of technological advancements.

AI Market Size

Then an investor will start wondering whether there is an ROI and an opportunity. For that reason, we have to showcase the market growth.

Product and Unique Selling Point

At this second, we have the reader‘s attention. But we haven‘t even said what the startup does. This is where we pitch what NeuroCortex does, as well as how we are different.

Business Model & Projections

But the business world is not only about cool products and startups. It’s about how to monetize these products. For that reason, we start pitching the business model of NeuroCortex. Finally, we showcase the financial projections. It‘s critical to show the investor the expected ROI from investing.

This would wrap up our brief RCT (real content template.) It should mark the start of your journey. Now you go ahead, modify, and perfect it!

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