Aerospace Investor Presentation Template (Google Slides & PDF)

AstroLift - Aerospace Investor Presentation pdf

Say what you want to say, but Space X changed the space game. It showed that a space startup could be actually cool. Ever since their boost, I‘ve been receiving requests of an aerospace investor presentation template in an editable format and a PDF. So I thought instead of just designing a template, I‘d created a real-content-template or an RCT of an aerospace company. This means that I, a ten year business consultant, am putting myself in the shoes of an aerospace startup and building a presentation accordingly.

The Aerospace Investor Presentation in PDF and Google Slides.

I always start my RCTs by showing them. So here it is in Google slides and in PDF. There you go! Don‘t forget to click File and Make a copy in Google slides. You shouldn‘t be asking for a share access. It‘s easier that way. Also, I will be talking more about how to use this template and this industry perfectly in the upcoming part of this article.

Aerospace Investor Presentation Guide

The real-content-template is based on a company called AstroLift. I highly believe that the space industry is going to boom into the future. You‘ll find me buying stocks of SpaceX the moment they decide to go public (which is in a million years probably.)

The presentation has to tell the investor a story. There are industries that are not really about a cool product, but are more about technology. The aerospace industry is one of those. I tried to reflect that in Astrolift‘s investor presentation. You need to showcase the actual problem, even if it does not exist right now. The space market is all about the next twenty years. Any reasonable investor would already be thinking of that while reading your investor presentation.

It‘s one of those investments that are guaranteed to grow when the time is right. You might select a niche speciality. I‘ve read about a company that manages space traffic, even though it‘s not really a problem at this stage.

Steve Wozniak is investing in the industry among many business tycoons. Keeping all of that in mind, here‘s how I structured the investor presentation.

Cover and Quote

Space is something almost everyone dreams of at one stage of their lives. That‘s why I like to remind investors by hitting them with a quote. This is inspired by a Space X deck where they started off with an Elon Musk quote.

Market Growth

The market is one of the most growing markets. It‘s one of those things that could be bigger than the internet. But talking is not enough, so I aimed to showcase this via a graph.

Solution, Traction, and Team

Then I started showcasing the technology behind our product. Additionally, to prove to the investor that we‘re not just talk, I‘d pitch the traction immediately. Also, the team behind this is what made it into what it is.

This section aims to answer most of the questions the investor might think of in regards to the product.

Milestones, Investment ask, and Contact

Finally, before the investor wonders about the future, we showcase the milestones, and the amount of funds we need right now and for what reason. Once all of that is put in place, we throw in our contact information so that they wouldn‘t forget us.

That‘s a wrap. This is the template of an aerospace investor presentation pdf and google slides. Hopefully it would aid you in your space journey.

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