Start A Bounce House Business + A Pitch Deck

How to Start a Bounce House Business with a Pitch Deck Template
How to Start a Bounce House Business with a Pitch Deck Template

If you are looking for something fun with lots of celebrations, parties, outdoors, families, and friends, a bounce house can be the perfect business idea for you to start exploring. This industry is “bouncing” back after recovering from the pandemic hit. Also, there is a growing trend of parents and event organizers seeking unique and engaging entertainment options for children’s parties and events. Whether you consider this a side hustle or a full-time thing, this post will help put everything together for this fun business. Below are the guidelines you need to understand how to start a bounce house business. Also, by clicking a button, you will access a pitch deck template to present your business idea to others perfectly.

Download the Bounce House Pitch Deck Template (in Google Slides)

Real-Content Templates (RCT) are Albusi’s invention for every entrepreneur searching to start their businesses on solid ground. Albusi has developed and designed Jumparoo, an RCT, so you can access a relevant pitch deck template with the main headlines you must present to all investors. Jumparoo is well-positioned to capture the market opportunity and become a leading provider of bounce house rentals.

You can check out and download the template here:

To be an entrepreneur, you need more than a template to understand the startup process. That said, I strongly advise you to read the guidelines and steps below to ensure you have all you need for your business.

How To Start A Bounce House Business

The coming section will help you draw one of the roadmaps you can follow before buying your bouncers.

One: User Experience Is Your Starting Point

The first thing to know is your target, what they want and would enjoy the most from your business. You can do a short survey to know their likes and dislikes, get involved in some legwork, and observe your target audience in similar experiences (I recommend you do both!). You are likely searching for parents here for the most part. However, schools, local fairs, and festivals could also be good target markets.

Knowing this will help you decide how you want to set up your business. The space, equipment, financials, location, and structure are some ideas that will follow knowing your target and what you want to add to your business.

Two: Planning the Space – All About Technicalities

Once you know what you will be adding to the target of bounce houses, you find, build, and design the space you are turning into a bounce house.

You can search for suitable rental units on Craigslist or look for a broker to help you find the place you need. Ensure the space is central, well-ventilated, spacious, with good natural light, and has good parking slots.

To plan the space right, I strongly recommend hiring a technically-strong engineer who has created similar spaces. You need someone who actually knows a lot about bouncers, slides, and interactive games. It is not about buying equipment for your business; you will need support with practical experience to tell you what is in the datasheets and what should happen on natural ground. Remember, it’s a fun business, but if the details are not planned correctly, you will not offer your target the unique experience they seek.

Three: Do not limit Your Business – Varieties

In addition to your typical services of offering a space for bouncing, think about offering new and differentiated fun ideas. This will help increase your income and ensure profitability at all times.

Some ideas can include the following:

  • Including spaces for sports (basketball, volleyball, football, dodgeball). Inflatable interactive games are another new trend, with games like basketball and inflatable boxing.
  • Organizing tournaments for different age groups.
  • Offering a space for celebrating special occasions and events such as birthdays

Also, you can think about how to involve more parents all year long. For example, your business can offer deals for corporate parents.

Also, your business can create a summer carnival that kids and parents line up for.

Some of Jumparoo’s differentiated features included sanitization, hassle-free delivery, setup, and pickup services.

Four: Safety Comes First – cross-cutting measure to start a bounce house business

Safety and fun must go hand-in-hand in this business.

Bounce house injuries are prevalent.

For this, you must ensure that you and your team create strict safety protocols and monitoring. Make sure you commit to minimum age ranges for all bouncers and slides. The technical expertise you used and hired at the beginning of the business will give you vital directions when planning your space to have maximum safety.

Also, it’s not only about injuries. It’s about knowing that since many kids will be in the same place, you must follow child-friendly measures when planning the space and designing activities.

One of the essential safety measures is to have a comprehensive maintenance schedule that you follow and monitor at all times.

All in All – How To Start A Bounce House Business

Putting everything together, you now have some guidelines to help you with your fun bounce house business. Also, you have an excellent template for a comprehensive pitch deck to tell others about your business and how they can support it. The main takeaways from this post are:

  • Starting with the user experience
  • Planning your space perfectly and with the support of someone who actually knows the business
  • Providing differentiated activities, services, and varieties
  • Safety measurements across all planning and implementation

And as usual, if you’re out of time and want a consultant to help you plan and complete this, contact one of our freelancers. I highly recommend it.

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