ChatBrain (Inspired from ChatGPT)


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ChatGPT has many applications. If you’d like to go against them with your own product, here’s the perfect deck for you.

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ChatBrain (Pitch Deck Template Inspired from ChatGPT)

ChatGPT has revolutionized the field of natural language processing and opened up numerous possibilities for its applications. If you are interested in creating a product that competes with ChatGPT, we have designed the ChatBrain – a pitch deck template inspired from ChatGPT specifically for you. It provides valuable insights and a comprehensive framework to help you present your innovative solution to investors.

Inspired from ChatGPT
Inspired from ChatGPT
Inspired from ChatGPT
Inspired from ChatGPT

Slides included in Our Pitch deck template Inspired from ChatGPT

Problem slide

The problem slide in the ChatBrain highlights the existing challenges. This slide allows investors to understand the unique value proposition that ChatBrain brings to the table.

Solution slide

By presenting the solution concisely and compellingly, this slide creates a clear understanding of the product’s benefits and differentiators.

Product slide

The product slide included in the ChatBrain provides a clear and concise overview of the ChatBrain platform.

Market slide

The market slide provides investors with valuable insights into the size, and growth rate, enabling them to assess the profitability of investing in ChatBrain.

Business model slide

The business model slide provides investors with a clear understanding of how the product will generate revenue.

Competition slide

By highlighting the competitive offerings, this slide demonstrates the unique value proposition of ChatBrain.

Team slide

By showcasing the talented individuals involved, investors gain confidence in the team’s ability to bring the product to life successfully.

Financials Slide

This slide provides investors with a snapshot of the investment raised so far, the investment being sought, and the projected revenue for the next three years. 

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