Cognit–AI (Artificial Intelligence Pitch)

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AI has been trending for years. This Deck shows a product that could be potentially global.

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Cognit–AI (Artificial Intelligence Pitch)

AI is the upcoming revolutionary development in the field of technology. However, developing AI-based software solutions for businesses requires a significant amount of capital. To acquire this capital, businesses can utilize Cognit-AI – our artificial intelligence pitch deck. We have analyzed the pitch decks of 100 businesses that provide AI-based software solutions and carefully designed Cognit-AI to help you attract investors.

Artificial intelligence pitch deck
Artificial intelligence pitch deck
Artificial intelligence pitch deck
Artificial intelligence pitch deck

Essential elements of our artificial intelligence pitch deck

Introductory slide

This is the first slide of Cognit-AI in which, through one sentence, we are giving investors a very clear and brief overview of Cognit-AI.

Opening slide

An AI-related quote that will help our business model in leaving a lasting first impression on investors.

Market Growth Slide

The Market slide of Cognit-AI demonstrates to investors that the AI market is projected to witness substantial growth.

Product slide

Cognit-AI offers a suite of AI-powered business solutions that assist businesses in automating tasks.

Core Tech slide

This slide elaborates on how Cognit-AI utilizes deep learning, a powerful technology that enables its models to learn automatically.

Team slide

The team slide allows you to introduce the individuals involved in the company, and showcase their ability to carry out the business plan.

Business model slide

Now comes defining the business model for your Artificial intelligence-based solutions. Cognit-AI operates on a subscription-based model where it provides AI solutions to businesses.

ROI slide

The ROI slide of Cognit-AI has been designed in a way that gives investors an immediate sense that investing in Cognit-AI will yield a significantly high ROI.


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