Elon Musk is made out of Tesla stock.

Elon Musk Tesla Stock
Elon Musk Tesla Stock (Midjourney)

The differences between Elon Musk and the Tesla Stock is the same of a crocodile and an alligator. There are no differences. Elon made the Tesla stock, and Tesla is making the Elon name.

So next time when you look at the name, “Elon Musk“, please remember to check the Tesla stock, it‘s probably on the rise. This year, the stock dropped massively, and Elon went on the guinness world records for losing the most net worth. They‘re two sides of the same coin.

He‘s recently been involved in lawsuits about one of his famous tweets of taking Tesla private. This promotes the thought, “If Tesla vanishes, will Elon too?“

Let me explain how this is connected.

There are intelligent investors.

You know what I admire about Warren Buffet? He‘s what‘s called an intelligent investor. His wealth is not really majorly affected by a single stock. If Apple, which is around 40% of his investment portfolio, magically drops 10%, then he has only a 4% effect on his whole portfolio.

Warren Buffett Investment analysis
Warren Buffett Investment analysis (Hedgefollow.com)

That‘s the beauty of diversifying when it comes to investments. Keeping that in mind, you know who‘s not an investor? Elon Musk.

Then there‘s Elon Musk with his Tesla stock.

He said that himself many times. He considers himself to be an engineer rather than an investor.

That‘s why his investment portfolio is more than 80% dependent on the Tesla stock.

Elon Musk Tesla Stock - Wealth Distribution (Bloomberg)
Elon Musk Tesla Stock – Wealth Distribution (Bloomberg)

Yesterday, the Tesla stock jumped around 7%, which led Elon Musk to have his net worth bump up as well. He‘s now the second richest person in the world (At the time of writing this.)

finviz dynamic chart for  TSLA

Elon shifted his attention to Twitter.

You know when you‘re a perfectionist and you just purchased a computer you don‘t need? You‘ll want to use it to prove a point, even if the one you have is working perfectly fine.

Elon purchased Twitter in a moment of weakness. He‘s a great engineer that started to gain popularity on Twitter. He felt that he liked this influence he had, who wouldn‘t?

Then his mind deluded him in the idea of buying Twitter to have full control, gain more popularity, and it‘s a famous business. What could go wrong?

The more he dug into it, he realized that it was not a right decision. This is similar to when you go order a Cinnabon. You feel the rush but have a moment of hesitation before ordering. The wise people would leave the shop. Some will change their mind and leave the shop. A few might actually order then leave as they had a change of heart.

The rich, however, will have to go on with their decision. There are others affected and it‘s not easy to back out.

He said he‘ll back out of it, then when he realized he was about to lose a lawsuit, he changed his mind and actually acquired Twitter.

Then the freakout began.

Toilets, Layoffs, Twitter Blue, but no revenue.

Twitter is a losing business. The fact that Elon acquired them is the best thing that happened to them. However, to him, it‘s the worse case scenario, especially during a recession.

Yet, his focus shifted to micro-management to fix a mistake he made. It‘s not easy to admit a mistake. Actually, it‘s not an option in his case. If any buyer would approach Elon for buying Twitter at this stage, I have no doubt that Elon would accept in a second.

These days, almost all stocks are in decline due to a recession. Hence, if you have your own company, you need to heal it as much as you could.

It‘s like a baby that needs attention, and you know who‘s Elon‘s baby who needs attention? Not X-Ash-12 (He‘s almost three years old, feel old yet?), it‘s Tesla.

The Tesla Stock needs Elon Musk

Tesla needs the attention of Elon Musk. Investors know that he‘s not giving Tesla his 100% and for that they‘re backing out of investing in Tesla which is dropping the stock value.

The only problem is, Tesla stock means everything to the word Elon Musk. We discovered this person from the success of Tesla.

If Tesla was a person it would feel that it was betrayed by Elon‘s younger mistress, Twitter. Even though, Tesla empowered Elon to become who he is today.

What will happen now to the Tesla Stock and Elon Musk?

  • Well, there‘s the lawsuit of him claiming that Tesla‘s funding of going private is “secured.“
  • There are Twitter and Tesla free falling.
  • Yet, there‘s Space X performing well.

Hence, his bills are piling up. If he was a company, then his net profit would be in the negative at this stage. Yet, he as a person, always invests in the future. Neuralink could turn out to be the best thing he invested in. Space X could evolve even more and go public to turn him into a trillionaire.

All those options are on the table. However, one thing‘s for sure, it‘s going to be entertaining to watch.

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