Unconventional Pitching (An Investor Deck Structure)


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This is what I call an unconventional pitch deck structure to keep in trend with our current startup ecosystem.

I’m analyzing it fully on my Medium account.

The name is AL Anany, Albusi’s founder and it’s a pleasure to meet you! Have a wonderful day.

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These are unconventional days. Hence, this is an unconventional pitch deck structure.

  1. The cover slide: The reader does not need to know anything other than your logo and contact information. They know that this is an investor deck.

Unconventional Pitch Deck Structure Cover

2. Where you are compared to other competitors.

Unconventional Pitch Deck Structure Competition

3. Your unique selling point.

Unconventional Pitch Deck Structure Unique Selling Point

4. The Market facts.

Unconventional Pitch Deck Structure Market Size

5. Traction

Unconventional Pitch Deck Structure Traction

6. The Investment Ask

Investment Ask

That’s a wrap. You don’t need anything other than this to convince an investor of your product. The world is moving fast. So accelerate your pitching with this pitch deck structure.

I hope you enjoyed this RCT (Real content template.) Check out other templates that we’ve worked on!

The name is AL Anany, an entrepreneurship consultant in Zurich, Switzerland. I’ve been doing this for close to ten years. A pitch deck is a story, and sometimes being concise is the key. This is what this whole structure is based on.

I might modify or upgrade this with time. But do let me know your feedback by shooting me an email at any moment (al@albusi.com)

This is derived from the YC structure, the Guy Kawasaki structure, as well as the 500 co structure.

For more advice about perfecting your deck, check out my Medium page!