SoleMate (Shoe Business Template)


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A business plan for a shoe business that tackles most problems in such an industry.

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SoleMate (Shoe Business Template)

Your startup pitch deck serves as your sales pitch, aiming to captivate investors and convince them to invest in your early-stage shoe business. However, Crafting an investor pitch deck that leaves potential investors excited about your business requires dedication and careful planning. But fear not, as we have created this Shoe Business Template to help you out. Let’s explore it together!

Shoe Business Template
Shoe Business Template
Shoe Business Template
Shoe Business Template
Shoe Business Template

Essential slides of our Shoe Business Template – SoleMate

Cover slide

The cover slide aims to capture the attention of investors and pique their interest in learning more about the shoe business opportunity presented in the deck.

Problems slide

By identifying the problems such as the lack of reliable and convenient shoe service, you present an opportunity for investors to support your solution.

Solutions slide

This slide allows Investors to understand how SoleMate is uniquely positioned to provide convenient and reliable shoe service.

Market opportunity slide

By highlighting the projected £7.5 Billion global shoe care market, it demonstrates to investors, the opportunity for capturing a substantial share of it.

Business model slide

By including details about the subscription fee, one-time service fee, and custom shoe design options, it provides investors with a clear understanding of how the company plans to generate revenue and achieve profitability.

Team slide

The Team slide provides investors with an overview of the talented individuals who make up the team of the company.

Milestones slide

The milestones slide in the SoleMate deck outlines the key targets that the company aims to accomplish.

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