Tesla Pitch Deck (With Envisioned Designed Version)


It’s safe to say that Tesla has changed the twenty-first century. They’ve tapped into an industry that everyone believed could not produce value. They created products that both helped the environment and raised the bar. If you’re like me, then you’ll want to see the Tesla pitch deck that started it all.

I’ve seen the original Telsa pitch deck. I loved it. Yet, I couldn’t help but think that it would look different if I re-created and re-designed it nowadays. Albusi’s founder, Al Anany, did that a while back. He’s given me access to the editable version of it so that I’d share it with you.

First of all, If you’re interested in exploring the original version, here it is. However, I advise you to check out the other modern, re-created version below in this article.

Tesla Pitch Deck Analysis

Before beginning with the detailed analysis, our founder, Al Anany, analyzed the deck thoroughly through video if you’re interested!

Tesla Pitch Deck Analysis

Slide-by-slide Analysis

  • Slide 1: Cover Page – They’re not mentioning an elevator pitch here, which could’ve made it better. Yet, remember that this is quite an old deck.
  • Slide 2: Team – It’s unorthodox to start immediately with your team unless your team has market giants.
  • Slide 3: Team Growth – The more hiring, the more it’s clear that the company is growing.
  • Slide 4: Toyota Case Study and Credibility – Showcasing one of the biggest investors of Tesla as it was quite a tough deal to grasp.
  • Slide 5: Panasonic – Similarly, showcasing a market leader in batteries as to showcase that the supplier situation is resolved.
  • Slide 6: Daimler – Another case study showcasing the proof of concept regarding Tesla. It’s quite a bold start to a deck. They’re showcasing that they’re all about work.
  • Slide 7: Roadster leading the way – Showing traction of their main vehicle.
  • Slides 8 & 9: Tesla Model S – Showing a new product and the projections.
  • Slide 10: Sales projections of the Model S.
  • Slide 11: Showcasing that Tesla is not only about simple cars. They’re going to tap into a wider market as a future plan.
  • Slide 12: Timeline – Mentioning what will happen when.
  • Slides 13, 14, and 15: Fremont Facility – Showcasing a manufacturing facility, as it’s quite challenging to tap into the automotive industry.

Final Analysis

Tesla’s old pitch deck showcases that they’ve already gotten into the industry and that they’ve convinced market leaders to join their mission. This is merely a presentation showcasing their achievements rather than trying to convince an investor to invest. This automatically works as the perfect pitch deck. There’s nothing more confident than showcasing numbers.

What happened to Tesla ever since their original pitch deck?

Tesla Pitch Deck Financials

Tesla’s Financial Statement from their latest reports.

  • They’ve raised funds and then underwent one of the most successful IPOs in history (Some would say they’re overvalued now.)
  • They’ve expanded into different geographical regions and are creating magical vehicles daily.
  • Even though various customers complain about their customer service, they’re still one of the biggest companies in the world.

What could the pitch deck of Tesla look like?

Here’s an alternative version that imagines it with a more modern feel. The download link for the PowerPoint version is right below.

The Tesla Pitch Deck (Google Slides Version)

Tesla Pitch Deck (Powerpoint Version)

Creating your own Tesla deck (EV company)?

An EV pitch deck’s goal is to get investors’ attention and secure funding for their business plan.

I would write a 30-page pitch deck including 10 pages of financial projections. I’d also build a PowerPoint presentation for investors to use when presenting the business plan.

It’s worth noting that a typical pitch deck is not that large. However, one in the EV industry is usually one that’s lengthy to answer multiple questions in this industry.

They say if you want to start an automobile company, buy one. That’s how difficult this industry is.

Yet, moving on, in terms of your pitch deck, if you’re in the EV industry, the market is of grave importance.

In this industry, the market is massive. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2040, there will be around 1 billion EVs on the road. This means that if you’re an investor who wants to get involved in an EV company, you need to understand how large of a market exists and how big of a piece of it your company can capture.

The question is, how do you pitch this? How do you show investors that there’s a massive EV market and that your company can capture a large piece of it?

The first thing to do is to show investors that the market for EVs is large and growing. You can do this by showing them estimates of how many EVs there are today, how many will be sold in the coming years, and where those sales will occur.

Suggested Elements of An EV Deck like Tesla Pitch Deck

So, as an initial structure of your pitch deck, these are some ideas of what I think should be included, not exclusively:

  • Market size
  • Growth rate
  • Estimated sales by region
  • The size of the EV market today
  • The growth in EV sales over the past few years
  • The trend toward larger EVs and SUVs
  • How many EVs are sold in each state (and which states have higher sales)
  • A summary of the EV market and what it looks like today
  • The top five reasons why people buy EVs (e.g., environmental benefits, economic incentives)

Do you need help creating it?

In some cases, the focus on creating and perfecting products in a startup exceeds the importance of creating a pitch deck. In those particular cases, I always love to offer my help to help your startup excel. To save you time, here’s how long it would take me for an average similar deck in detail.

This is initially a pitch deck targeted to be pitched to a VC. Yet, it works very much in your case. The content would be very similar to the above, including market research and showcasing all the details. The exact content structure will be communicated to you beforehand. Let’s start with an introduction email. I’m Sam, and I’m pleased to meet you!

Timeframe10 days

The Freelancer Behind This Service


A pitch deck writer’s most important aspect is understanding you and what you are trying to say. While that sounds quite obvious, it requires years of experience.

My objective is to open up your mind and sit inside there for a while to understand what’s going on. Then I’d be fully able to help you with your investment or business document

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