NFT Pitch Deck (Referencing Coinbase Deck)

NFT is unstable but beautiful

NFTs are like a roller coaster in the business world. While you’re exploring an NFT Pitch Deck or an NFT Whitepaper, you’d see the market topping the charts. The next day, you’d find that they’ve dropped massively. Here’s one of the funniest posts I’ve seen recently on LinkedIn.

This explains the world of NFT. However, remember that one day, a person bought an Apple stock for $25. Then the price dropped to $13. That person could’ve done a funny LinkedIn post. But if he’d waited around 10 years. The stock would’ve become $177.

The investment game is all about patience, which is what every person working on an NFT pitch deck is maintaining now.

Nevertheless, if you’re thinking of creating an NFT pitch deck, we’ll discuss in this article some famous pitch decks of NFT and crypto platforms like Coinbase, what should the perfect NFT pitch deck or NFT whitepaper includes, and finally, a freelancer’s offer in case you’re looking for someone to do this for you.

Firstly, if you’re looking for an NFT pitch deck template, here you go.

Oh, and our founder created a visual version on Youtube of this analysis if you’d like.

Coinbase Pitch Deck Analysis

Some Famous NFT Pitch Decks

Let’s start with the gurus. Coinbase is quite the story when it comes to cryptocurrency. They’ve expanded ever since then to NFTs as well. Yet, it all started with a pitch deck.

They’ve raised more than $550 million in their journey. Then went on to have an IPO (Initial Public Offering), which was widely controversial as you expect a crypto platform not to do that. It all depends on whether you support crypto regulation or not. Nevertheless, let’s take a journey back in time to see the Coinbase Pitch Deck.

Coinbase Pitch Deck

Coinbase Seed Round Pitch Deck

Then let’s analyze its content. (Also, here is a PDF high-quality version if you’d like.)

Slide 1: Cover page

Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 1
Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 1

A typical cover page showcasing the market. Remember, Coinbase was not the pioneer in their market, so it was quite known what a bitcoin wallet was by that time. Additionally, at this current time, Binance is the market leader in cryptocurrency exchanges.

Slides 2 & 3: Bitcoin: A New Digital Currency

This showcased how Bitcoin operates as a currency and transactional benefit.

Slide 4: Bitcoin Growth

Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 4
Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 4

When an investor wonders whether a market is growing, the worry must instantly fade. This is what this slide is all about. Ironically, today’s market’s growth resembles the one in this old Coinbase pitch deck.

Slide 5: Early Adopters

Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 5
Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 5

This aims to show who will be Coinbase focused targets since they’ll benefit most.

Slide 6: Too Difficult To Use

Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 6
Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 6

This one is a simple slide showing the unique selling point of Coinbase in terms of simplicity.

Slide 7: Coinbase: A hosted Bitcoin wallet

Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 7
Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 7

This slide is one that shows the product, Coinbase and what it looks like.

Slide 8: Comparison

Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 8
Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 8

Since crypto was not easily understood back then, this slide aims to show what Coinbase intends to become by comparing it to an MP3 player.

Slides 9 & 10: Traction

Nothing is stronger than showcasing user growth.

Slide 11: Closing

Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 11
Coinbase Pitch Deck Slide 11

Then, they end the deck by leaving them with a one-liner so that they’d remember what to tell their friends.


The Coinbase Pitch Deck is quite a simple pitch deck that gets to the point as soon as possible. It is perfect for when you’re introducing a new technology, but it would not work nowadays as it’s too simple. If you’re pitching a technology that will be as widespread as crypto is in the future, then pitch it similarly.



This is one of the most beautiful decks in the world of NFT. Simply put, they are explaining their product and appealing to the vitality of security and privacy of the reader. Digital assets, like NFTs, have a security problem regarding trust, for instance. ORIGYN aims to solve that, and they simply said their story in a simple 11 paged deck.

Notably, the deck does not really showcase the company’s traction but is mostly a pitch of the concept of their NFT trust mechanisms.

Now let’s talk about your NFT pitch deck.

The Perfect NFT Pitch Deck Structure

I’ve worked with multiple companies that raised funds for their NFT projects. There’s a difference between working on a pitch deck of a regular startup versus an NFT product. You’re automatically being doubted from your first pitch when you have an NFT pitch deck.

Hence, here are the contents of the perfect NFT pitch deck based on my experience:

NFT Pitch Deck Slide 1: Cover & Elevator Pitch

The first slide of your pitch deck should be the perfect one by all means. It should simply state in a one liner what your NFT product is all about. If the investor or reader gets slightly confused, then it’s not the perfect cover page.

Your elevator pitch should get the investors thinking, “Oh, interesting!” rather than “Do they mean that… or that?”

Slides 2 & 3: Problem & Solution

This classic combination is extremely vital. Let me explain why. You might be thinking that you want your pitch deck to reflect innovation so you shouldn’t go with the classic problem and solution slides. However, as mentioned before, any investor would already be wary of an NFT product due to the pump and dumps as well as the numerous failed startups.

Hence, you need to reassure them that your product is not just one of those trendy NFT startups that will fail. You need to showcase familiarity that this is an actual authentic product.

Slide 4: Market Size & Opportunity

This is a crucial one as well. Simply, because it’s a swiftly changing market. The total NFT market is varying by the millions each minute. Hence, showcase that you’ve done your homework.

Slide 5: Your NFT Product

This is the slide where you are showing your perfect product. Your product will probably not be rocket science to the investor. So be direct in answering the question, “What makes your NFT product different?”

Slide 6: Go-To-Market

Again, due to the fact that this market is in a sensitive state these days due to it being novel, you need to showcase how you’re aiming to enter the market. Show that you have a strong plan to enter the market and spread your very needed product.

Slide 7: Competition

It’s a jungle of competition when it comes to NFT. Hence, do a graph where you showcase where you exist in a competition chart in terms of the variables that you believe your strongest in.

I highly recommend making it as simple as possible, like the below image.

NFT Pitch Deck Competition Graph
NFT Pitch Deck Competition Graph

Slide 8: Traction (If available)

You’ve probably heard this before – Traction is king. If someone is actually buying or participating in your product, that gives the reader a sense of unexplainable trust. Showcase everything that could build your credibility here.

Slide 9: Team

Be extremely upfront about who you are and who you are working with. Any confusion in this slide is a quick killer. The reader needs to make sure you’re serious about this business and willing to put your face to it.

Slide 10: Contact

Don’t forget to give them a sentence to remember, like the Coinbase pitch deck (and your contact information.)

Don’t have time, but need an NFT pitch deck? I can help (if you insist.)

In the case that you’d prefer a freelancer who worked on NFT pitch decks to be working on your deck rather than you doing it yourself, then some of our freelancers could help.

Yet, remember, if you can do it yourself, then go for it! A freelancer on Albusi is as experienced as it gets when it comes to business consultants. But you know who knows your product more than yourself? Absolutely no one.

Alright, I tried convincing you to go away, but you’re still here. In this case, here’s how long it usually takes me with an estimated budget to save you time.

The NFT pitch deck (or crypto one) as they have quite a similar volatile market will consist of the above format mentioned in this article. There are some additions that could be added if you deem vital.

Timeframe10 days

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