Storage Business Pitch Template (in Google Slides)

How to start and pitch your storage business

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized how a storage business could be a perfect side hustle. But, of course, this requires research, some leg work, and a good amount of money to develop a storage business. Also, many entrepreneurs search for the perfect startup investor deck to fund their storage business. But wait. You will also need to get to the bottom of how to start a storage business to use the template ideally. This is why we are here!

Download the Storage Business Investor Pitch Deck (in Google Slides)

First, to make things easier for you, we have designed an RCT (Real-Content Template), a term developed and put into practice by Albusi. This will enable you to put together an organized and appealing pitch deck for your storage hustle quickly. You can set your hands on that template by clicking the link below. Check out the Stowaway investor deck.

However, I must remind you that to convince investors to fund your business, you must first understand more details about your business. For that, I encourage you to continue reading below.

Get Ready! How To Start A Storage Business

1. First Things First: Complete Your Research

To begin with, I need you to do your homework.

Two things you need to consider and study here:

  1. Your niche/ your target
  2. The storage market in the area you will be operating in

Get yourself answers to these, for example:

  • Who do you want to rent your storage areas?
  • Who will be your primary customers following your platforms to hear more from your storage business?

Once you know who you are targeting with your storage business and who would want to rent your spaces, thoroughly look for the big sharks operating in the same market.

This will help you find your value proposition and unique selling point (USP). As a result, you provide a niche service to your target that will distinguish your business from your competitors.

2. Secure Funding

Next, you would want to secure the finances you need to rent your storage areas. The most common methods used here are bank loans and investor funds. However, you will need a rock-solid pitch deck (which you now have access to) to get that!

Other funding resources can include friends and family, your own savings, or financial assistance programs that help entrepreneurs kick-start their businesses.

3. Get Insured!

Entrepreneurs often need to pay more attention to this. However, this is crucial for your business success, especially storage. You can check the available options for insurance in the market and choose the most suitable for your business. And, of course, the one that will cost you minimal or nothing as a business owner in case of emergencies.

Get Set! Prepare to Launch your Storage Business

What I would like you to focus on next is your marketing plan.

Take good pictures of the different storage spaces that your business offers. Then, decide what strategies to follow to tell your target about your business. Create a strong brand with a strong message and logo to attract more customers to your business.

Also, I encourage you to create a website for your business and link it to your social media accounts. This may be an additional cost. However, it is crucial since your website is your online presence and helps convince clients of your expertise and professionalism. This will also be a fast and user-friendly medium for clients to find the available time slots and book their appointments with valet service (if you decide to add this to your storage business). Remember that you can use the services and features of WordPress to create your website easily. Wix is also an easy interface to consider while developing a website.

Going through that, you must decide whether to go solo in your storage business or hire a team. You need at least to prepare a database with contacts of the movers that will help in your business since your services include the support of a lot of them. You might also consider hiring a single staff for multiple roles until the business expands.

The valet concept is just another thing to consider while setting up and preparing for your storage business. Through this service, items are picked up by the self-storage business at the customer’s home and transported to the facility. Again, I strongly encourage you to consider ways to integrate this since it presents a huge opportunity to earn extra profit.

Go! Launch your business

Storage Business Logo
Storage Business Pitch Deck

You are now ready to launch!

Start spreading the word about your business in every relevant context and event. Also, look for ways to find the people waiting to see your services. Everyone has so much stuff that often doesn’t fit in their homes and needs extra storage.

Also, share your marketing platforms with your closest network and primary target. This is an essential step to take when you launch your business. Social media algorithms automatically rank content on platforms crucial in promoting your business (or demoting it).

Final thoughts – How To Start A Storage Business with a Google Slides Template

Now that you have the know-how and the pitch deck template to collect your money, it’s time to jump into the storage field.

Get ready, get set, and go!

Start with your research, secure funding, and get insured. Then, create your brand identity, marketing strategies, and everything else you need to set up your business. Last, launch and ask your inner circle to like, follow, and share to set the algorithm on track.

We have shared some guidelines to help you start your storage business. However, if you’re out of time and want a consultant to help you plan and complete this, contact one of our freelancers. I highly recommend it.

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Also, if you need help planning your business, I recommend checking out some of our freelancer’s business plans or pitch decks!