ChatGPT Pitch Deck – The Prompts To Write A Decent One.

ChatGPT Pitch Deck

Creating a pitch deck with ChatGPT is such an annoying task. It will release a pitch deck. But it’s going to sound robotic, sad, and eventually useless. Pitch decks as a concept require innovation and a lack of sounding dull, which ChatGPT does not understand.

But there is a tweak that you can do to release a pitch deck that could be sent to an investor. Let’s get to it.

Visual Version

Step 1 – Inspiration Pitch Deck

The first step is quite simple. You need to find an “inspiration” pitch deck to tell ChatGPT about. For instance, if you’re a fan of the Airbnb pitch deck, you could take the information there and just inform it.

Now, ChatGPT knows that you want something similar to the Airbnb pitch deck. Additionally, make sure to say that you’re looking for something with more or less the exact text size.

Step 2 – Your company

Then, you need to showcase your input. Tell ChatGPT all about your company and find research information that could be useful. For example, I didn’t trust it with my competitor’s research. So I provided it with a couple of options and how much money they raised. That way, you don’t worry about market information being inaccurate.

Step 3 – Designing your Pitch Deck

Finally, after you’re done with both the steps above, the ChatGPT pitch deck will be acceptable. You’ll need to design it yourself.

Alternatively, you can be a part of our network and just use our real content templates as inspiration, then just copy and paste ChatGPT’s output into our Google Slides.

ChatGPT Prompts

Note: I used Unconventional Pitching as my inspiration deck.

Prompt 1 – Hey, we’re creating a new pitch deck that is exactly the same as the inspiration deck in terms of content size, give or take a few words. The inspiration pitch deck is about Albusi, a “real-content” template store.

Here’s the inspiration deck:
Slide 1: Graph showing Albusi, the company, being low priced and simple with an arrow saying “This is us”. Adobe, the competitor, is high-priced and complex. Canva is high-priced and simple.

Slide 2: That’s How We Do It Better

  1. Instead Of Templates
    Templates + Real Content
  2. Instead Of Complex Software
    Google Slides + Docs

Slide 3: Don’t Worry About The Market

For Example

  • Canva Valuation $25.6 Billion
  • Figma Sold For $20 Billion To Adobe, which has a Market Cap $153.6 Billion

Slide 4:
We’re Already Validated.

  • 617 Users
  • 866 Users
  • 1,100 Users
  • 745 Users

Monthly Expenses $1,000

Monthly Recurring Revenue $4,000

Slide 5:
Your Investment?

Tech $30k

Marketing $50k

Design $20k

Oh, and I’m AL Anany, the founder.

Thanks for checking out our pitch deck!

That’s the inspiration deck. Are you ready for the actual content for my new company?

Prompt 2 – It’s a newsletter on substack called Warm Intro, which connects entrepreneurs to investors through a warm intro email. It will be limited in terms of capacity, and people will pay $5 per month to subscribe. If there’s a match, then we would connect the entrepreneurs with the investors. I’m the sole founder of this based on a solopreneurship concept. I’m AL Anany, and I have over 13,000 readers with over 760k views. Entrepreneurs struggle to find a warm intro because it’s psychologically better to be on that end of the table rather than doing cold outreach.

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