Podcast Pitch Template (in Google Slides)

Podcast Pitch Template

Is it me or have Podcasts thrived more than usual in the past four years? I knew podcasts existed for a long time. But somehow, they became cool again. Nevertheless, given this attention, creating a podcast nowadays is extremely wise. For that, many people need a podcast pitch template to showcase the podcast to potential partners.

So I sat down in my favorite coffeeshop and wrote a pitch deck for a stunning podcast called Mind Meld. Even though it does not exist, I treated it as if it does.

Download the Podcast Pitch Template (in Google Slide)

Firstly, this is an RCT (Real-Content Template), a term developed and being used by Albusi. Simply put, it‘s a merge between an actual pitch deck and a template. It takes the best from both ends.

If you only need to access the template, you could do that right now. (But, if you‘re interested in me guiding you through the storyboard of it, continue reading.)

If you are still reading, then you‘re one of the wise ones. Let me tell you how to use this real-content template wisely.

Podcast Pitch Template Details

Podcast Pitch Cover

A typical easy start to the deck would be the logo, with a small statement. Based on who you‘re sending this to, you might consider adding a confidentiality statement here. But keep it simple. It‘s the pitch deck waving a hello gesture to the reader.

Elevator Pitch

Let‘s ace that first impression. The only way to do so is by conveying what the Podcast is all about. I deliberately chose not to go through with your typical Problem and Solution statement. Let‘s be honest. Most Podcasts don‘t really target a problem in the market. They‘re targeting a desire that listeners don‘t know they have. Hence, I‘d rather not focus on this as a startup like Uber.

This is a product that does a specific purpose to all the listeners, including possibly the reader.

Hence, a couple of sentences here that are just being direct about what the podcast does is critical.

Podcast Traction

After that, the reader probably has a business mindset. Hence, they‘d want to hear some statistics. Show them that your podcast is not all fun and games. There‘s a growth rate and that it is a stable business.


If the reader is already established in the Podcast market, then they might skip this slide. But what if they aren‘t? What if they don‘t know much about the market? Then you need to educate them by showcasing the market size and how it‘s growing.


A podcast is as good as the team‘s belief in it. Hence, there must be a vision. It‘s crucial that the reader of this pitch would be aligned with you in terms of this vision.

Tell them what your podcast stands for and be energetic about it.


You could choose to either showcase competitors or inform about how you, as a podcast, stand out in the market. Mind Meld, my imaginary Podcast, focuses on abnormal deep conversations that not a lot of people would engage in on daily basis.

Podcast Team

Always put a face to it. With the rise of AI, every reader will start questioning whether this product is an AI product, or a human one. Show them your face (hopefully that‘s enough.)

Additionally, don‘t forget to mention the most critical team members and their roles, especially if they have experiences in the field.

Pitching Operations

How do you record an episode? How often do you publish? Spare the readers time by answering those questions in advance. Show them how your podcast works in details.

Podcast Timeline

Finally, tell them your upcoming plans. Whether the reader is a partner or an investor, it‘s something worth mentioning. If you‘re presenting this pitch physically to a person, this slide will promote a healthy discussion and debate, which is what you should be looking for!

Podcast Pitch Template Final Slide — Contact

Oh, and don‘t forget to leave your contact information.

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