Pitch Deck Storyboard (A Smart Use Case)


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A pitch deck storyboard template in google slides that aims to allow you to prepare properly before creating an amazing pitch deck.

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A pitch deck needs a storyboard. If not, then you’ll be like a “fly without a head.” A pitch deck in its essence is a plan that you’re showcasing. You can not showcase a plan without actually imagining it in advance.

This is stage 0 of all my investment work with clients. I’ve created this RCT to help you in imagining your pitch before implementation.

Firstly, the thought process of the reader. In this case, the investor. When you know what they’re thinking, you’ll be able to actually reason and create something. Hence, this is your step 1. Once you got this in place, it’s critical to say what you’re intending to showcase as a solution to the reader’s problem (in this case, slides.)

A Story Board Google Slides Template

Once all of that is done, it’s time to imagine how the slides would look in terms of design structure. You might not be a designer, but you can make the job easier and spare yourself ten iterations of the design.

Pitch Deck Storyboard Template

That’s how I properly draft a pitch deck storyboard before getting into the writing and design process.

If you’re interested, I’ve written an extensive article about a storyboard that I drafted for a client in the metaverse industry.

Once you have this in place, you’ll notice that you know your proper pitch deck structure. Sometimes the investors would immediately ask something that’s logical. Do not follow the norms of the internet world and create a structure that is the standard. Create what you think your reader will think of.

Finally, I’ve written a detailed guide about how to use this real content template in specific. Check it out here. Don’t forget to check out other RCTs that our team has been working on. I’m sure you’ll like many of them as there are quite a good number of people putting effort into each RCT (Real-Content Template).

Written by Al Anany, Albusi’s founder.