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Al Anany

Business Execution Consultant

Previous Work Samples

If you need further work samples, let me know your industry to share a similar project with you.

The story of how I evolved into a business execution consultant is an easy one. I’ve founded companies, freelanced, and ended up creating this freelance marketplace, Albusi. I noticed that this gig industry is in high demand. But the current platforms, specifically Upwork and Fiverr, suck.

So I am trying to revolutionize this industry by creating what they’re not doing. Albusi is niched to business documents, earns a small 10% commission per order, and has a human support team that understands what these business documents symbolize.

Nonetheless, put all of that away; I’m Al Anany, a business execution consultant in Zurich, Switzerland. I’ve been working in entrepreneurship for over ten years. I usually do two things: writing and recording.

I do that on Medium, Albusi’s blog, and Youtube. That is literally what I do every day. However, I love the entrepreneurship game. Every few weeks, I work with a client on a plan, deck, whitepaper, or investment memorandum to keep reminding myself how this industry is changing.

For instance, my most recent work is with ExoTwiin. I created a pitch deck for them that’s presented here:

Hence, here’s what we could possibly collaborate on.

My Medium Business-Focused Account

I’ve been a top writer on Medium at least ten times. I write to educate and add value to my readers. Additionally, I never charge for any of my work. I usually write about what inspires me in the business world. For instance, at the time of writing this, I just wrote an analysis of why I believe BuzzFeed stating that they’ll use ChatGPT is catastrophic to their business.

If you have a startup or a story in the business world that you’d like to spread out there, get in touch with me via email and tell me that story. To many, it proved to be quite good PR.

Investment Preparation

Pitch Decks

These are my favorites. I usually take on a project, storyboard the hell out of the deck, and design it slowly. I aim to release a work of art that investors would cherish. Do you know how some people treat eating as a respected ritual? That’s working on a pitch deck for me. Do not be surprised if I go and meditate on top of a mountain before working on a deck.

I can’t promise you that I could take on your pitch deck. I usually charge quite a lot ($5k+) as it takes a lot of my time. Hence, if I do have the availability, then it would be my honor to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey.

The thing is, I don’t stop for any reason. So, for example, if I don’t like your valuation, I call my analyst, and we discuss options. That’s why I usually work on a high-end budget per se.

Yet, I am a founder myself, and I do understand that, in some cases, this is not within the budget. For that, I highly advise checking my other freelance team members on this platform. I’ve worked with them for over ten years.

Business Plan or Whitepaper (For Investment, Consultancy, or Execution)

Similarly, I also take on a more lengthy project. Yet it takes more time and effort from my end. Additionally, we really need to click before I work on such a project. This is simply because if I don’t believe in your project, then my being your consultant is unwise.

Business Execution Consultancy

Why did I choose this title? I like when startups execute rather than talk. Some of my clients raised millions, while others never had companies that never saw the light of day. For that, I like to be part of your execution team. I like to get started. If there is a market opportunity out there, then we both should be working on executing it rather than just chit-chatting about it, wouldn’t you say?

Hence, if you’re interested in talking to me, I’d be honored. Simply shoot me an email:

Have a wonderful day!
Al Anany