• Consulting Pitch Deck – Focused on Clients and Investors


    I’ve recently encountered a client who was looking for a marketing consulting pitch deck for his agency. He needed to convince clients to sign up for his services and investors to invest possibly. This was quite a challenge, as a typical pitch deck is directed toward an investor. Yet, a consulting pitch deck has to…

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to B2B Competitive Analysis

    A Step-by-Step Guide to B2B Competitive Analysis


    This is no cheat sheet. Today having a comprehensive knowledge of your competitors and what they’re up to is no news but a common practice. Hence, a B2B competitive analysis is almost always vital. Understanding what your competitor is doing is the first step to enhancing your own growth strategy, whether you’re preparing for the…

  • Food Startups—The Ultimate Market Research

    Food Startups—The Ultimate Market Research


    Fifteen years ago, did you ever think that a simple act of ordering food could result in someone becoming a billionaire? You would have probably said—“food startups? You mean a restaurant?“ FoodTech has emerged from the laziness of humans. That‘s inaccurate as FoodTech is not only about food delivery. However, a mobile application that connects…

  • Detailed Competitors Analysis

    Detailed Competitors Analysis


    What’s your competitor doing right that you’re not? Why are they having annual revenue of $20 million while you’re standing at a much lower revenue? Your product is very similar, if not better! Your team is more than capable. You have no clue why their breaking records. That’s absolutely normal. You’re in a phase where…

  • Sam


    SamFreelance Business Consultant Previous Work Samples If you need further work samples, let me know your industry to share a similar project with you. The most important aspect of a pitch deck writer is to understand you, and what you are trying to say. While that sounds quite obvious, it requires years of experience. I’m…

  • Focused Market Research

    Focused Market Research


    Creating focused market research is stage zero of any work. For instance, finTech has been one of the fastest-growing industries globally, especially at the startup level. To work in such an industry, one has to conduct thoroughly updated research to know the numbers on monthly basis. The focused market research will cover the market size,…

  • Venture Capital Deck

    Venture Capital Deck


    Creating a venture capital deck is not easy. The best VCs have a finely tuned sense of the industry and how to evaluate your business plan. They will be looking for quantitative evidence around traction and market share and financial material ideas for product or feature roadmaps. As an entrepreneur, your job is to convince…

  • Comprehensive Business Plan

    Comprehensive Business Plan


    A comprehensive business plan will get you started on the right foot with investors, lenders, and other interested parties. A comprehensive business plan not only outlines your plans for the next few months or years but also your future growth and expansion plans. If you want to attract potential investors, they will want to see…