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Pitch Deck Designer

I’ll convince you to ignore any other website for a pitch deck designer by the end of this short read by telling you three small things. Ready?

1. Myself – The Honest Human Pitch Deck Designer

I design. But that’s not what identifies me. I’m a human, like you. By the time you’re reading this article, I’m betting that at least 30% of the internet is written using AI. So yes, we’re a rare breed.

  • I’m AL, a 12-year business consultant in Zurich. I helped companies like this, this, and this develop/design their pitch deck. I’ve helped others who have financial sheets larger than you could imagine but those would throw me in jail if I mention their names because of the NDA signed (or most likely force me to delete this post.)

This is what I look like on a good day. I’ve paid an awesome photographer to take this picture of me. Yes, I invest well in these things. I won’t spend my money buying a new coffee machine, will I?

Only one rule – Invest in things that have a proper ROI.

Al Anany (Albusi CEO)

But enough about me, now that you realize that I’m a human like you. Therefore, let’s talk about what matters – pitch decks.

2. Pitch Deck Design – The Art

Let’s not complicate it. My process of creating a pitch deck involves quite a sophisticated storyboard that some of my research assistants call me crazy. Why would I need a sophisticated excel sheet of what an investor could possibly think of before writing a pitch deck? Because that’s what you need in a pitch deck. You need a pitch deck that sells.

Let me throw you a couple of case studies of cool pitch decks I worked on.

There’s ExoTwiin. I love this deck, as it took us through iterations on the drawing board. Here are a few slides from there:

When I take on a client, I consume the proper time to work out a design that is flawlessly integrated with content that is sellable. We’ll leave it at that.

3. Deck Database

Third, I’ve worked with a team of designers to create over 100 short pitch deck designs as an experiment. They’re called RCTs (Real Content Templates). Some you might like, while others you won’t. It’s intended to address the masses and has over 1000 downloads so far.

For example, we imagined an X (formerly Twitter) pitch deck that looks like this:

Since Musk is the topic of conversation, we also imagined a company similar to Neuralink:

4. Pricing

Since humans are becoming rare in this age, our prices are not conservative. An average pitch deck would consume 20 days with a budget of ~$3000. If you’re interested in that, then schedule a call with me.

If not, which is totally okay, I have a cool couple of options for you.

Option 1. Free Deck Database

You can download any of our 112 real content templates for free and use them as you please, without any ads or weird requests. There are no strings attached.

Option 2. AI Pitch Deck Creator

Finally, this is the coolest thing we’re working on. We’re working on something to merge AI with humans. Don’t worry; it’ll still require our input. But it’ll help us spare this time above. For now, it’s still under development, but there’s a cool video and a waitlist.

That wraps it. Before you head to designing the pitch deck, let me tell you a human piece of advice.

Entrepreneurship is not about ideation – It’s about execution. Hence, persist in your work, and you’ll see results one day or another. Do not rush this journey!

This was written by AL Anany, Albusi GmbH’s CEO.