AI-Generated Business Plan – The Proper Tools To Use & Things To Know From A Consultant

AI Generated Business Plan

The $1000-Worth AI-Generated Business Plan

Let’s cut to the chase. You want a business plan because you’re interested in starting a new business or getting a loan/investment. You then think of hiring someone to help you out. But the rates are way above your budget. You want to start a new business, and “they’re” asking for $5,000 for a business plan? what kind of logic is that? Someone could help you out. That person is called AI, and you’re going to create an AI-generated business plan.

Let me start by telling you that I’m one of “those” guys. Yes, I’m a 12-year business consultant, but I charge around $15,000 for that plan. Now, let’s talk about your proper options. You might head to Upwork or Fiverr and find freelancers to help you out. Some would charge $100 for a business plan (or even less).

But it won’t be good. This is where my expertise is.

If it's cheap, it's not good. If it's good, it's probably expensive.

There’s a thin line in between. But we won’t discuss that. What we will discuss, though, is how you can perfectly get a business plan with a quality of around $1000 (in my estimate) using AI. I challenge those who charge $1000 to get anything better. Let’s get to it.

3 Things To Know

AI Generated business plans need editing.

That’s a fact of life. If human consultants release documents that require editing, then AI will as well. But it won’t be grammatical; it’ll be part of the core concept of your product and plan.

A mix of humans and AI is always better.

If you could, get the best of both worlds by getting an AI document reviewed by a pro. This way, you ensure the human touch is added to it, which is much more important than you think.

A business plan could be a single paper.

As a 12-year consultant, you really need to understand that a business plan is what you define to be. It doesn’t have to contain an executive summary. I had a friend who made over $3m selling printed shirts as a business. He didn’t have a business plan. His actions were the business plan. So, do what you believe to be right. But do it, don’t be lazy.

The top AI tools for generating a business plan

These are in no order whatsoever as they change on a daily basis. You have multiple options. Either to go with the root of all those apps, take the output and deal with it or use something that gets out a designed document.

Let’s start with the AI language models. This is what tools like Grammarly and Visme use to power their AI business plan generators.


Notice that I didn’t say ChatGPT. There are models inside ChatGPT. Four is the most updated, and after experimenting with it for over a year, I decided to add it as a top contender on this list. Here’s how you can use it smartly.

You shouldn’t do this:

Write me a business plan about my new app that delivers tissue boxes. 

Because the answer will be:

Creating a business plan for an app that delivers tissue boxes involves several key components, including the executive summary, market analysis, operational plan, marketing strategy, financial plan, and more. Here is an outline to get you started:

### 1. Executive Summary

- **Business Name**: QuickTissue
- **Business Model**: QuickTissue is a mobile application that offers on-demand and subscription-based delivery services for tissue boxes to consumers and businesses. Leveraging technology, QuickTissue ensures timely delivery of high-quality tissue products directly to the doorsteps of our customers.
- **Mission Statement**: To provide convenient, timely, and reliable delivery of tissue boxes, enhancing the comfort and well-being of our customers.
- **Vision Statement**: To become the leading tissue box delivery service known for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and unparalleled customer service.

### 2. Market Analysis

- **Industry Overview**: The demand for home delivery services has seen exponential growth, driven by increasing consumer desire for convenience and the ongoing digitalization of retail. The tissue paper market, being a staple household and commercial product, presents a substantial opportunity for growth in the delivery sector.
- **Target Market**: Our primary market includes households and businesses in urban and suburban areas, with a focus on busy professionals, elderly individuals who may have difficulty with regular shopping trips, and businesses like restaurants, hotels, and offices.
- **Competitive Analysis**: Identify key competitors in the tissue delivery space, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning. QuickTissue will differentiate itself through faster delivery times, superior product quality, sustainable options, and a user-friendly app experience.

### 3. Operational Plan

- **Business Structure**: Outline the organizational structure, including key roles and responsibilities. Detail the logistics of the delivery operation, from order receipt through to delivery.
- **Suppliers and Partnerships**: Establish relationships with tissue manufacturers and suppliers to ensure a steady supply of various tissue products. Explore partnership opportunities with eco-friendly suppliers to offer sustainable product options.
- **Technology Infrastructure**: Development of the QuickTissue app, including features such as real-time tracking, subscription management, and a seamless ordering interface. Integration with payment gateways and security measures to protect user data.

### 4. Marketing and Sales Strategy

- **Brand Identity**: Develop a strong brand identity that emphasizes convenience, reliability, and sustainability. Use a distinctive logo and color scheme across all marketing materials.
- **Marketing Channels**: Utilize social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and targeted advertising to reach potential customers. Engage in local community events and partnerships to increase brand visibility.
- **Pricing Strategy**: Competitive pricing with tiered options for both on-demand and subscription services. Offer promotions and discounts to first-time users and rewards for referrals.

### 5. Financial Plan

- **Startup Costs**: Detailed breakdown of initial costs, including app development, marketing, inventory, and operational expenses.
- **Revenue Streams**: Main revenue streams will include on-demand delivery charges and subscription fees. Explore additional revenue streams such as premium delivery options or branded merchandise.
- **Financial Projections**: Projected income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet for the first three years. Include best-case and worst-case scenarios to account for market variability.

### 6. Milestones and Timeline

- **Launch Phase**: Timeline for app development, testing, and launch. Initial marketing campaigns and first deliveries.
- **Growth Phase**: Expansion plans, including geographic expansion, addition of new product lines, and partnership development.
- **Evaluation and Scaling**: Regular evaluation of business performance against objectives. Plans for scaling the business based on performance metrics and market feedback.

### 7. Appendix

- Include any additional information, such as market research data, resumes of key team members, technical app details, or potential investor information.

This business plan serves as a foundation for QuickTissue. Each section will require in-depth research and analysis to tailor the plan to your specific circumstances, resources, and goals. As the market evolves, regularly revisiting and updating the business plan is crucial for long-term success.

Instead, you should treat GPT as if it’s a consultant.

I want to create a new company that delivers tissue boxes to Europe. I foresee a growing demand according to a report that I read online by Mckinsey. I intend to get a CTO in a month. I need this plan to convince the bank to give me a loan. It will cost me at least $50,000, which I'm willing to invest. So write me a proper business plan tailored for the bank to show the market opportunity. Let's start with the first page. Let's make it sound like a story and fun to read.

Now your answer will be:

# Executive Summary: QuickTissue Europe - "Bringing Comfort to Your Doorstep"

**Once upon a time** in the bustling cities and serene countrysides of Europe, there emerged a need so common yet so overlooked - the humble tissue box. In an era where convenience is king and time is more precious than ever, the citizens of this vibrant continent found themselves in want of a simple solution to a daily necessity. Enter **QuickTissue Europe**, a visionary company born from the idea that no one should ever have to worry about running out of tissues again.

**The Plot Thickens**: Amidst the backdrop of a digital revolution that has transformed how we live, shop, and interact, QuickTissue Europe introduces an innovative, app-based service dedicated to delivering high-quality tissue boxes directly to the doorsteps of individuals and businesses across Europe. Inspired by a revealing report by McKinsey, which highlighted the untapped potential and growing demand for home delivery services, our protagonist, the founder of QuickTissue Europe, embarked on a quest to fill this niche market with a splash of convenience and a dash of innovation.

**The Cast of Characters**: At the heart of our story is a dynamic team led by a visionary entrepreneur, soon to be joined by a tech wizard, a CTO, who will bring the QuickTissue app from concept to reality. Together, they plan to weave a network of suppliers, from the enchanted forests of sustainable tissue production to the bustling marketplaces of Europe's biggest cities, ensuring a reliable and eco-friendly supply chain.

**The Magical Solution**: QuickTissue Europe's app is not just any app; it's a gateway to unparalleled convenience. With a few taps, customers can summon tissue boxes to their location, track their delivery with real-time magic (also known as GPS), and even subscribe for regular deliveries, ensuring they never face the despair of an empty tissue box again.

**The Treasure Chest**: To bring this tale to life, an initial investment of $50,000 is sought, a sum that will unlock the doors to development, marketing, and the first chapter of operations. This investment is not just a loan; it's a key to a kingdom of opportunities, promising returns as the company captures hearts and markets across Europe.

**The Call to Adventure**: As we stand on the brink of this exciting journey, QuickTissue Europe invites you to join us in transforming a simple act of delivering tissue boxes into a story of comfort, convenience, and care that spans across Europe. With your support, we're not just delivering tissues; we're delivering smiles, one box at a time.

In the chapters that follow, we will delve into the enchanted forests of market analysis, navigate the winding paths of operational plans, and chart the course through marketing strategies and financial projections. Join us on this adventure, and together, let's write a story of success that will be told for generations to come.

**QuickTissue Europe**: Where every delivery is a delivery of happiness.

Alright, this is definitely not what I intended to see. The bank employee will smile at this before throwing it in the trash. But it’s definitely better than the former. Now, what you ought to do is to treat GPT as a human consultant. Let’s try saying:

Can we make it sound a bit more professional, it's a bank at the end of the day.

You’ll get:

# Executive Summary: QuickTissue Europe - Revolutionizing Convenience

## Introduction

In the heart of Europe, amidst its diverse cultures and dynamic economies, there lies a universal need - the simple, yet indispensable tissue box. QuickTissue Europe is a pioneering venture set to revolutionize the way European households and businesses access this everyday essential. With a focus on convenience, quality, and sustainability, our mobile application promises to deliver high-quality tissue boxes directly to our customers' doorsteps, ensuring they never run out.

## Opportunity Unveiled

The inception of QuickTissue Europe was inspired by a compelling insight from a McKinsey report, which highlighted the burgeoning demand for delivery services across the continent. This demand, coupled with the ongoing digital transformation in consumer behavior, presents a ripe market opportunity for a specialized delivery service. QuickTissue Europe aims to capture this opportunity by offering a seamless and efficient solution to meet the growing needs of European consumers and businesses for tissue products.

## Visionary Leadership

At the helm of QuickTissue Europe is a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Within a month, we plan to onboard a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with extensive experience in developing scalable mobile platforms. This strategic hire will ensure the technical excellence of our application and secure our competitive edge in the market.

## The QuickTissue Advantage

QuickTissue Europe is not merely a delivery service; it is a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for our customers. Our application features include real-time tracking, flexible subscription models, and a user-friendly interface, making tissue box delivery a hassle-free experience. Moreover, our dedication to sustainability through partnerships with eco-friendly suppliers reflects our responsibility towards the environment and our customers.

## Financial Overview

To actualize this venture, QuickTissue Europe seeks an initial investment of $50,000. This investment will be allocated towards application development, market research, initial inventory procurement, and launching a targeted marketing campaign. We believe this investment will lay the foundation for a scalable and profitable business, with detailed financial projections outlined in the subsequent sections of this plan.

## Conclusion

QuickTissue Europe stands at the forefront of an untapped market, ready to deliver not just tissue boxes, but a new standard of convenience and customer satisfaction. With a solid business model, a clear understanding of our market, and a commitment to sustainability, we are poised for success. We invite you to join us on this journey, supporting a venture that promises to meet a growing demand while contributing positively to the lives of Europeans.

In this document, we will further detail our market analysis, operational strategies, marketing approach, and comprehensive financial projections, demonstrating the viability and potential of QuickTissue Europe as a lucrative investment opportunity.

That’s something you could work with. Now, using this methodology, apply it to everything. But ChatGPT isn’t the only option for you.

Google Gemini

Google won’t let a company delve into AI without creating their own, obviously. They struggled at the beginning, but Gemini isn’t bad at all. It’s very close to GPT for this task in specific. Give it a shot.

In a few years, I’d expect them to connect it properly with Google Drive, allowing you to get a formatted Google Doc file of that business plan.


This is the silent contender that is quite good. Companies like Google invested in Claude because they knew what the model was capable of. Give it a shot and see where it takes you.

Now, let’s move on to the tools that do all the work for you.

Tome (But that’s more for presentations.)

This is my favorite because it actually releases good-looking documents. Design is essential whether you like it or not. That person in the bank will be having a bad day, and a good design will go a long way psychologically.

Grammarly (Not only Grammar)

They’re experts in grammar, so might as well use GPT or another tool to generate a full business plan. But it does require input from you to make it more accurate. So you need to spend a few minutes before getting your plan.

Visme (For an AI-Generated Business Plan)

This one is similar to Grammarly, but it has multiple templates from which you can choose. Visme have been doing proper charts for a while now. So, give that a shot too.

LivePlan (For an AI-Generated Business Plan)

They’ve been creating business plans online for quite a long time. I’ve never really liked the output in terms of design or content, but now that they’re adding AI to the mix, it’s not a bad addition.

What you need to do is to generate a business plan from each, and decide for yourself. Some of them might excel in certain areas, while others won’t. But if you have time to try just one, I recommend Tome as the design looks proper.

I’ve hired human designers and added a spice of GPT-generated content to create RCTs (Real Content Templates) – This is what you should expect your document to be like. They’re free, so download them if they’ll be helpful.

That being said, be patient and treat those tools as if they’re human consultants. This is the only way you’d evolve the quality later on. AI-generated business plans are never perfect from the first moment. But they could spare you a ton of money.

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