Investment One Pager

An investment one-pager is a document consisting of one or two pages that shows only the essentials. For example, if your business made an ARR of $50 million, then this would be the one-liner on top. It is designed to save you and the investor time by mentioning the exact details the investor needs to hear and not more.

Investment One Pager

Why do you need an investment one-pager? It’s a must-have document when you are talking to investors. The one-pager should contain the essential information that the investor needs to know about your business, including its current status and future plans.

Here are some of the elements you can include in your investment one-pager:

  • Firstly, the business and its mission
  • Then, The problem you are solving
  • Why should investors care?
  • Who is your target audience? What makes them different from others? More important than anything else, how big is this market?
  • What are your current milestones, and what is next on the roadmap?
  • Your team and its experience
  • Your competition and why your business is better than theirs
  • The financials, including revenue projections and cash flow
  • Any additional information that would be helpful for investors to know

Somehow, this all needs to be compressed and designed perfectly in such an investment one pager. Hence, this is the focus. I’ll need to understand all the details from your end and work with my designer to produce perfection.

Typically, an investment one-pager is a document consisting of one or two pages that shows the essentials and only the essentials focusing on team, product, traction, business model, market, and projections.

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