Facebook Pitch Deck Analysis (Meta) — Raised $400k (+ PDF)

Facebook Pitch Deck
Facebook Pitch Deck

You know the story. Came up with the idea, then become a billionaire. Then had a lawsuit settled with the people he stole the idea from. Eventually turned into one of the youngest richest people in the world. His company went from nothing to one that breaks records. What‘s an entrepreneur‘s companion in fundraising? A killer facebook pitch deck.

His strategy was simple. I‘ll just acquire companies that are growing in the social media industry.

It worked so far, until he was bored of doing this for over ten years. He then wakes up one day and decides to change the name and direction of his company to Meta. Investors hated it. The stock dropped a whopping amount.

However, let‘s back up. Before all of that, he needed to convince investors to invest in Facebook. The objective was not hard because the product was spreading faster than anything. However, he needed a pitch deck. Here it is, one that raised $500k in the year of 2004. Let‘s analyze it!

Also, if you wish to download the PDF version of it, here it is.

PS. We have a directory of real content templates (most of which are pitch decks), check them out and download one that could be useful to you!

Facebook Pitch Deck

FB Pitch Deck from startuphome

Slides 1-3 (The useless parts of this Facebook pitch deck)

They start off by simply saying what this document is, as well as what the table of contents is for the deck. Then the third slide pops up a testimonial that conveys how addictive this platform, thefacebook, is.

Slide 4

Then they convey their elevator pitch. This deck does not have to impress, as the website already had a crazy amount of visits. Nevertheless, they‘re being straightforward at this stage of what they are and what they‘re doing.

Slide 5

Back in 2004, the internet was popular. Social media was already there; myspace was quite popular. Hence, any investor would be asking the question of, “Who‘s using this facebook website?“

Hence, this is answered immediately by conveying the user profile and what it includes. This isn‘t essentially a big deal to you now. But back then, compared to myspace, the lack of customization or the simplicity was quite a conversational topic.

Slides 6-9

Then they started defining that this social network is actually an intra-school network, not an international one. This particular feature is why the Winklevoss sued Zuck. Eventually, it did not matter as Facebook‘s true success was related to the global reach.

Slides 10-12

It was all about “exclusivity“, that‘s what you‘ll hear a million times from the movie if you watch it. Hence, for the investors to know that they‘ll have a company full of Ivy League students allows them to look from a different perspective as advertising will be lucrative to most companies.

Slides 13 & 14

Zuck and his team starts to explain how they intend to grow. They intend to do so and expand using schools (Little did they know.)

They‘re pitching an elite product as they‘re focused on Ivy League colleges.

Slides 15 – 17

They convey further details about their user demographics to showcase how much they know their audience.

Slides 18 – 21 (The Golden Slides Of The Facebook Pitch Deck)

These are their golden slides—traction. 70,000 total students using the website with a daily unique user rate of 65% (Gosh, till this day, this sounds quite impressive.)

Their site usage had a monthly traffic of 90 million in page views.

Technically, these few slides are the only ones that were needed to close the investment.

Slides 22 – 26

Then they finally showcase their business model and how they intend to monetize through ads. They also pitched their potential advertisers so that they‘d convey how well they know the market.

They wrap it up by putting the contact information of Eduardo, the booted cofounder.

Overall Analysis of the Facebook (Meta) Pitch Deck

A deck that‘s vintage, inspirational, and absolutely not needed. Zuckerberg could‘ve raised investments by just showcasing their usage retention stats. Yet, creating a pitch is a formality when it comes to VCs that invested in Facebook (Meta)

We‘ve analysed many decks here on Albusi, this is the one that I would consider with the strongest traction for an early stage startup.

But since you‘re reading this, I highly recommend that you read our analysis of the Snapchat pitch deck. After all, Meta tried to acquire it and failed.

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