Story Board Google Slides Template

The Google Slides Template

You can use this template to think of the perfect storyboard and plan it well. The more time you consume working on a storyboard, the more likely your final outcome would be a success. Hence, we drafted this google slides story board template that you can easily edit and use.

Now let‘s talk about the storyboard and how you should implement it in detail.

The Story Board Template

When you have a great idea, do you sometimes get out a piece of paper and pen and just write things down? Draw lines maybe? What you‘re doing essentially is building a storyboard. This transfer of information from your brain to this piece of paper could mean the success or failure of your project.

I did this numerous times with startups. I usually help them in creating their investor presentations. So a storyboard is quite vital in this case. Let me tell you more about my methodology; I‘m sure this could come in handy while working with the template.

How I Storyboard Projects

Let‘s discuss this as if the final project is a presentation. It does not have to be this way though. It could be a video or a project. But for simplicity, we‘re sticking with a presentation. If you‘re storyboarding, the first thing you should think of is zooming out. It‘s not about you.

You might think you have a jackpot of a project. But that‘s not what the presentation or project is for, is it? It‘s designed to be sent to someone. Let‘s talk about that person. What questions are they going to be thinking of and how are we going to resolve those questions?

If you were able to put yourself in that person‘s perspective, you‘ve got yourself the perfect start for a storyboard. A story is about the reader, not the narrator. If someone is saying a story that the listener is not interested in, then it will be swiped away. So that‘s your first step.

Think of questions that might be asked

Write everything down, and remember my words. Anything written as a potential question is critical. If you spend time designing a presentation that answers questions, then you might not even need to get into another conversation. In other words, you spared yourself and the reader plenty of time.

Time is what most projects are about. So saving time will already give you a thumbs up for this presentation or project.

Answer before they think of them

In a nutshell, finish each other‘s sentences. If they think, “Oh, but how do you make …“, just show them the slide before they finish the sentence. You might not be physically there to do that, but they can do so on their own if you‘ve created a well-guided story board.

Let me give you a storyboard example

Here‘s a storyboard of a client I had who needed a pitch deck in the metaverse industry. I‘ve written a full Medium article about it. But let‘s discuss it here briefly as well.

The strategy behind it is simple. We are building a presentation at the end of the day. So it will consist of slides. Slides are our resolution pieces. So the storyboard is going to start with the investors‘ possible questions, then arrows leading to the answers to those questions.

From there, we can construct small squares symbolizing slides. But most importantly, we need to either type or draw how we envision those slides to look like. They might be chart-based slides. Alternatively, they might be icon based, and so on.

Let me show you what it looked like eventually.

Story Board Google Slides Template

I redacted the content as it could affect the company’s journey if publically spread. Nonetheless, from the titles and the thought process, you probably have an idea of how it ought to look like. It’s a thought process. It’s drafting what’s on your mind for the final pitch on paper and drawing it to imagine it before you exert hours and hours on it.

Now, let’s discuss the template that our team created.

Guiding you through the Google Slides story board template

The template linked above consists of two pages. You could choose to expand this or stick with that length. The idea is to just introduce you to how to think with a few slides. So as mentioned earlier in this blog, the first stage is to think from an investor’s or a reader’s point of view.

Thought and Mentality

A Story Board Google Slides Template

As you can see, this is merely us writing our predictions as we know the reader. The truth is, you know your investor or reader more than you think. You had questions when you started your company. They will most certainly have the same questions. But the real question is when. Will they ask about your market at the start? or will they be interested in the competitors?

One of my most recommended pitch deck structures follows what current investors like to see. I call it the unconventional structure. But that does not have to be working with your particular case. You, and only you, would know your reader.

Story Board Design

Once this is in place, you need to be thinking of how you want this delivered to your reader. You might draft the perfect storyboard, send it to your designer, and then receive something you did not imagine at all. Is it their fault? is it yours? It’s the fault of the medium between you both. You said something that was understood differently. Eventually, time and money were wasted in the process. So what can you do about it? Be more detailed.

Pitch Deck Storyboard Template

By showing the type of slide in terms of design, you’ll be able to at least decrease a possible misunderstanding between you and your designer. This could save you the best asset of all time – time.

This is necessarily why this story board google slides template could be quite beneficial.

Final thoughts

If there is something that I want you to remember at the end of this article, that is how vital a storyboard is. You might not need a template. You might be one of those people who love paper and pencil drawings. Go for it. What matters is that you have your thoughts in place before starting your operations.

Too much planning is toxic. You’ll hear that from some people. But smart planning is a win-win.

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