The Ultimate Finance Pitch Deck Template [2023]

Finance Pitch Deck Template
Finance Pitch Deck Template

With all the technological changes affecting industries everywhere, there are always new ways that you can come up with to make our financial solutions more efficient and effective. If you are a fintech enthusiast who inspires to empower individuals and businesses with innovative financial solutions, I encourage you to turn this eagerness into a profitable business idea. This post will help put everything together for a finance business. Below are the guidelines you need to understand to start a gig in this business area. Also, by clicking a button, you will access a finance pitch deck template to perfectly present your business idea to others.

Download the Finance Pitch Deck Template (in Google Slides)

Real-Content Templates (RCT) are Albusi’s invention for every entrepreneur searching to start their businesses on solid ground. For your finance business, Albusi has developed and designed Moneywise, an RCT, so you can access a relevant pitch deck template with the main headlines you must present to all investors. Moneywise aims to disrupt the status quo and deliver superior financial products and services to customers.

You can check out and download the template here:

As I always say, what’s the use of a perfect template with no foundation to back up and support the business? For this reason, I strongly encourage you to continue reading the post to understand more information related to the finance business you are about to pitch and start.

What You Need to Know With The Finance Template

Large populations, diverse demographics, and a growing demand for financial services.

Having said that, there are many ways to study and plan your finance business. I present the 3Ds below that I believe are integral to making this kind of business flourish.

Decide on a specialty

You need to decide on what financial services you will offer, as there are endless and countless solutions. An excellent way to start thinking about this is to consider your expertise and the areas in which you will most likely be successful regarding financial solutions. For example, Moneywise has focused on various services, such as remittance and payment, along with financial education. This is the first thing you need to focus on and come up with to move forward.

Do your research

You find the right methodologies and results in your research for business when you decide on the specialty areas. Here you start to research the expected market space where your finance business will compete. You can ask yourself some of the following:

  • How big is the market you are planning to compete in?
  • How do existing similar companies attract and serve their customers?
  • What are the companies that currently serve potential clients?
  • What is the price range for the services offered by similar existing companies?
  • What are the marketing and service features provided by similar finance-based businesses?

Needless to say, for your research to be inclusive, you should Identify your target market or the specific customers you intend to serve.


Researching the market and your conversations with your potential customers will lead the way to create your value proposition and unique selling point. Because once you do that, you understand the pain points that you are likely to heal with your finance company.

Look for the edge you will provide others when they use your services.

Think about things to differentiate your financial services and attract people to your business. In our pitch deck, Moneywise allowed customers features such as three security measures ensuring the safety and privacy of users and customizable products to cater to different customer segments, markets, and regulatory requirements.

The Best Use of This Finance Pitch Deck Template

According to PitchBook data, investors poured $57.6 billion into fintech startups globally in 2022.

Finance-based businesses are one of the most well-funded industries. This also means that there are a lot of people out there competing to secure funding for similar ideas. Thus, you need to make sure that you have what it takes to pitch your idea to investors. You also need to be on the lookout for every relevant opportunity that can secure more funding for your business and increase the buy-in from people in the industry.

We concluded the pitch deck with a closing sentence that welcomes all investors. Moneywise is open to various investment structures, including equity, debt, or a combination of both, and is willing to discuss terms and conditions with potential investors.

Final Thoughts – The Finance Pitch Deck Template Summary

All in all, you now have some idea of how you can start thinking about a finance business and what you need to pitch this idea. Also, Moneywise (the RCT) has served as a great template to help attract investors to your business. I also need you to remember to decide on a specialty, do comprehensive research, and differentiate your products and services. This ensures that your business stands out among other competitors and sets the solid ground to start with.

And as usual, if you’re out of time and want a consultant to help you plan and complete this, contact one of our freelancers. I highly recommend it.

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