ChatBrain – Chat GPT Presentation Template

ChatBrain – Chat GPT Presentation Template

ChatBrain Template Download

In order to create a company that could resemble ChatGPT, one has to think with an artificial brain. Hence, I created this fictional company for this purpose. I chose the name ChatBrain as it explains it quite well. There’s probably another ChatBrain out there. This is not associated with it whatsoever. It’s merely a template with a real content of a case study of ChatGPT or in other words, it’s a Chat GPT presentation template.

Let’s start off with the template. It’s in Google Slides and fully available here:

Now let’s talk about my methodology for creating this template and my advice accordingly. By the way, I’m AL, the founder of Albusi. I’ve been in this business industry for over ten years.

Chat GPT Template Guide

ChatGPT shook the world. Most recently, Bard is following up with quite a good product. Even though it just keeps giving me false information, I’m sure eventually it will learn. Similarly, ChatGPT is evolving. So when you think of creating a presentation template for a ChatGPT product, you need to know that this is a very fast-paced environment.

Putting that into consideration, I started designing and creating the template.

  • Cover: I kept it simple and straightforward. Most AI companies have simple logos so that the users would remember them quite well and associate them with simplicity.
  • Problem: If ChatGPT was not addressing a problem, it wouldn’t have gained millions of subscribers within weeks. Hence, I started showcasing the problem accordingly.
  • Solution: What is ChatBrain all about? It’s about advanced NLP or natural language processing so that there would be more human-like interactions.
  • Product: Then I showcase the product, ChatBrain. I’ll only mention a few details on how it works.
  • Market: Any reader will probably ask if the market is growing in order to invest in the company. Hence, it’s critical to showcase some numbers here.
  • Business Model: It’s a business at the end of the day. So I start displaying how we intend to monetize. The standard subscription business model works quite well in this industry.
  • Competition: While Google and Microsoft are having an AI war, competitive advantage has to exist and be strong. In the case of ChatBrain, our focus is a personalized conversational experience. While Bard and ChatGPT have that already, we’re taking it to a more advanced stage.
  • Team: I’ve left this blank since it’s a fictional company.
  • Financials: As minor projections, we’re projecting $10m in three years. Additionally, we’re asking for $5M since we already raised $2M. If this deck was a real company, we should’ve displayed some traction.
  • Contact: Finally, we close with a contact page.

You now have enough information to use the template and build your chatgpt or competing company. Go get them!

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Al Anany

ChatGPT changed the world. Google also did that even though they were not the first search engine. Build your own Google!

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