The Pitch Deck That Will Sell Your Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Pitch Deck Template
A Free Real Estate Pitch Deck Template

I don’t know the specific year that you will be reading this in, but whatever the year is, the result is the same. The real estate business is a substantial investment that can create money for both owners and investors for a very long time. I can assure you, and history proves this too! It’s an industry that has helped people become financially independent and continues offering opportunities for newcomers. And yes, it comes with a degree of risk, like any other business. However, the potential rewards are definitely worth it. And because I believe you can always limit the risk of failing by educating yourself, I will help you plan your real estate business from scratch through the coming few lines. Also, I am linking our one-of-a-kind free real estate pitch deck template that will charm your investors.

So, buckle up, and let’s get to the bottom of this.

Download the Real Estate Pitch Deck Template [in Google Slides]

If you are here mainly for a template, I have a surprise for you. We’ve got two!

Albusi’s professional solutions for entrepreneurs include two downloadable pitch deck templates, Propertize and PropertyPros. Both templates are valuable and beneficial for entrepreneurs developing a real estate investor deck. They cover all of the essential sections of a pitch deck, too.

Both templates are available for download (and ready to be edited, too) on the Albusi website or through:

Please note that Albusi templates are based on fictional companies. They are only meant to provide you with more realistic content rather than the “lorem ipsum” versions spread on the internet.

We aspire to give you more than that!

First, I encourage you to go through a very related article that I posted before to prepare for your real estate pitch. It includes tips on what to ensure before and when you stand before your potential investors.

Now, let’s touch more on some essential key points that I believe you should include to secure investments in your real estate business.

A Real Estate Business Worth Investing In

So you have knockout templates with the main outline, yes. But what will you include in your pitch deck that would make your investors never say no to you?

Edit The Template To Align Your Pitch Deck With Your Investors’ Agenda

It is crucially important that you study your panel of investors very well. You need to understand their investment goals and what they are keen on.

Are they interested in short-term investments? Long-term ones?

You need to ensure that the asks you present to your investors are ones they actually care for and align with. Read about their investment strategies, check their LinkedIn profiles, or google some of their interviews with famous platforms.

Remember to check their previous experiences and what other real estate businesses they invested in. Knowing their history in investment will help you stay ahead when pitching your own.

Speak The Language of Your Investors

Your investors have a complete list of criteria you need to ensure you are checking when you are pitching your business to them. Because if you are not, then you are wasting both your time.

Examples of your potential investor’s specific criteria that they look for in an investment property could be a particular location, property type, or price range. What you need to do is understand their language to present your business as the best-fit opportunity for them.

Understand Your Investors’ Risk Tolerance

If, by studying the profiles of your investors, you find that they are risk-averse, you need to present your real estate business as a safe and secure option for any and all investors. The opposite is also true. Some investors dare to take many risks as long as you excite them enough with your knockout idea. Knowing the risk tolerance of your investors will help you when matching the opportunity.

Talk About What You Know “Only”

Your investors will ask you questions, and not just any questions, perfect ones.

Be very confident and, of course, provide suitable answers. However, do not bluff and do not assume. It looks awful, and your investors are knowledgeable enough to know the gaps and solutions in the real estate market.

This also takes me to another important point that I need to stress: only pitch your real estate business when you are completely ready and after you have done concrete research and built a strong business plan for your process. Only then will I encourage you to pitch your business.

Because once you pitch it, there is no going back with your specific investors.

Final Thoughts – The Real Estate Pitch Deck Template Summary

Putting everything together, you now have some guidelines to help you correctly pitch your real estate business to investors. Also, you have two great templates to combine this with the main and essential sections.

I just need you to remember to edit the templates to align your pitch deck with your investors’ agenda, speak the language of your investors, understand their risk tolerance, and provide the right answers to the questions your potential investors ask you. And, of course, remember always to network to keep up with what is happening in the real estate investment industry to stay ahead.

If you’re out of time and want a consultant to help you plan and complete this, you can contact one of our freelancers. You can also reach out to us to tell you more about how you can prepare a complete business plan for a real estate business.

I highly recommend it. You will never regret it.

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