Hawk Drone Delivery (500 Global Pitch Deck Structure)


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500 Global, a well-known venture fund and accelerator created a pitch deck structure that ought to be perfect. We used this in creating this real content template.

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500 Global Pitch Deck Structure (Hawk Drone Delivery)

The Hawk Drone Delivery deck follows the structure created by 500 Global, a renowned venture fund and accelerator. By utilizing this established pitch deck structure, we have aligned our content with industry best practices and investor expectations. This ensures that our 500 Global Pitch Deck Structure effectively communicates the value proposition, market opportunity, team, and financial projections of Hawk Drone Delivery, making it compelling and attractive to potential investors.

500 Global Pitch Deck Structure - Cover
500 Global Pitch Deck Structure - Solution
500 Global Pitch Deck Structure - Competition

Essential slides of our Hawk Drone Delivery – 500 Global Pitch Deck Structure

Introduction slide

The introduction slide provides a concise overview of the company in just one sentence.

Problem slide

By emphasizing the problem that e-commerce businesses suffer from huge losses due to delayed deliveries, we demonstrate the urgent need for a solution like Hawk Drone Delivery.

Solution slide

By showcasing how our system addresses the challenges of traditional delivery methods, we can effectively show the unique value proposition of our business to investors.

How it works slide

It highlights the key steps involved in the delivery workflow.

Revenue projections slide

By including the projected monthly recurring revenue of $30k, we provide investors with a clear understanding of the revenue-generating capability of our drone delivery service.

Revenue model slide

This section outlines the primary source of revenue for our business.

Competition slide

The competition slide highlights the unique advantage we have over competitors like DHL, which is unmatched speed.

Market opportunity slide

This slide emphasizes the significant growth and potential of the drone delivery market.

Roadmap slide

This slide provides investors with a clear roadmap of our progress and future goals.