Hawk Drone Delivery (500 Global Pitch Deck Structure)


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500 Global, a well-known venture fund and accelerator created a pitch deck structure that ought to be perfect. We used this in creating this real content template.

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Hawk is a real content template based on a fictional product that offers drone delivery options. We created this pitch deck based on the 500 Global pitch deck structure.

500 Global Pitch Deck Structure - Cover 500 Global Pitch Deck Structure - Solution 500 Global Pitch Deck Structure - Competition

We hope you enjoyed this real content template. Feel free to explore more RCTs that you could use in your business life.

How we created this 500 Global Pitch Deck template.

We started off by reviewing and studying the 500 Global structure template. Many venture funds and accelerators have their own structures. The one from 500 Global is one of our favorites.

Putting that in mind, we started drafting the idea of a delivery service that is faster than DHL and similar products. Drone delivery is applied with Amazon but still has potential and room for improvement. So we created Hawk, a drone delivery service that leverages computer vision and AI.

While current solutions already use computer vision, the focus here would be an enhanced drone that focuses on speedy delivery with no complications. This thought process would end with an exit strategy of Hawk being acquired by Amazon or Walmart.

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