Business Growth Consultant — A Must or A Luxury?

Sometimes when you get a block in your thoughts, it’s not easy to continue working. You need to take a break, go for a snack or a drink, or take a short walk. Then when you return, you are back to it with full brain capacity. In this scenario, your solutions were: a break, snack/drink, or short walk.
They’re perfect situations fitting what was happening. However, what would you do when you have a blockage in your company’s growth? If your company is not growing anymore and the curve is stagnating. You could do the three tips above. But in time, you’ll need extra help. This is where a business growth consultant becomes useful.

This read aims to introduce you to what a business growth consultant is useful for and what they are not useful for as well as other alternatives. Whether you are interested in hiring or becoming a business growth consultant, you ought to read this to understand this consultancy niche of the business world.

Where does a business growth consultant thrive?

Simply put, if you’re having one of those blockages in your growth curve, it is just not showing the growth it needs to.

Generally speaking, a business growth consultant thrives in a company that needs help with its marketing or sales. The business growth consultant helps these companies grow by identifying where they are lacking and helping them overcome their challenges to make them successful again.

Business growth consultants are not only useful for small businesses but also for large ones. They help these companies grow by identifying where they are lacking and helping them overcome their challenges to make them successful again.

What should you expect from a business growth consultant?

A business growth consultant can help you solve your business problems, but they are not magicians. You should expect them to do research, ask questions and provide advice that you can use in the future. They will not solve all of your problems or give you a magic wand to fix everything on your own.

Mainly, they are there to help you think through your problems and find solutions that will work for you. They will also give you a plan of action that can be used in the future if any new problems arise.

Think of them as mentors that aid your thinking. They might have had a good experience with another SaaS startup and raised them to six or seven figures. You’re looking to have this kind of growth in your company. Hence, adding such a consultant could prove helpful.

How can you find one?

If you are looking for a business growth consultant, there are several ways to find one. The best way is to ask around and see if anyone has previously worked with one. You can also look online for reviews or recommendations from others who have used their services. If you do not know where to start, try searching local business networking groups or associations in your area.

Although Albusi is an online business marketplace, we always recommend that if you know someone who’s good, you’d hire that person. Logically, working with a person you know would spare you time.

However, if you’re looking for a growth consultant, you can search for them on:

  • LinkedIn is a huge database with a consultant you might like.
  • Freelancing websites like:

Finally, Albusi could be of help, but our freelancers are more focused on the services that might aid your growth consultant, for instance, an extensive b2b competitive analysis.

How can you do this in-house?

If you do not have the time or money to hire a business growth consultant, there are some things that you can do on your own. These include:

  • Creating a plan of action for your company’s goals and objectives
  • Creating an employee handbook with clear guidelines and expectations for employees to follow

The ultimate objective is to grow your business, correct? who’s better to do that than yourself?

Think of it like this, you could find a recipe online for cooking a great omelette, but will your guests like it? Maybe not the first one, but eventually, you’ll get it right.

Hence, you could indulge in a series of questions and research each and every element. Think of the following:

  • Why is your curve not growing anymore?
  • What are your customers saying?
  • What is the market sentiment?

Those three questions would give you the edge in acing your growth.

Are there alternatives?

Alternatively, sometimes it has nothing to do with your strategy. Sometimes it just needs time. A VR product that existed in the year 2000 would not have been successful. Yet, one like Oculus, which was launched in 2012, could be acquired by Meta for $2 billion.

Also, you need to keep in mind that a recession would have an impact on the whole market. Something like that would not improve with the services of a growth consultant.

Is it a smart job to specialize in?

Companies are always going to exist. Additionally, they will always need to grow. Hence, as an industry, business growth consultancy will always exist. Yet, similar to medicine, this industry requires constant knowledge of what’s happening in the entrepreneurial world. For example, one needs to be aware of the tactic that a certain company like Binance uses to grow its users tenfold.

Usually, the best way to become or hire a business growth consultant is a track record. A consultant with a record of actually growing companies is the best reference that could exist. For that, testing and experiencing growth as a consultant is a constant day-to-day activity.

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