Snapchat Pitch Deck

Snapchat Pitch Deck
Snapchat Pitch Deck

There are only a few people in this world who said no to selling their company to Mark Zuckerberg. One of them is Evan Spiegel. He created Snapchat and grew it impressively well. Spiegel went on to create a Snapchat pitch deck and raise over $50 million. Of course, that did not stop Facebook of slowing down Snapchat’s growth by importing the same feature to Instagram.

However, Snap, somehow, bypassed this phase and went public. Ever since then, their stock has not been the best to invest in. Yet, somehow they’re surviving.

Snapchat Pitch Deck — Stock
Snapchat Stock

With Meta’s recent decline and betting on the future being in the metaverse, who knows where could Snap head to. In all cases, Evan used a pitch deck to raise over $50 million. We’ll show this deck here and analyse it.

Snapchat Pitch Deck

It‘s the first deck we analyze here that is portrait instead of landscape. The idea is, Snapchat is a mobile application. It makes more sense to see the deck on a mobile rather than a computer screen. However, even if you do so, it‘ll just look like an A4 proposal.

Here‘s a PDF if you wish to download it, along with the full slides to give it a look before our analysis.

Snapchat Pitch Deck

Snapchat Pitch Deck Analysis

Slide 1 — Snapchat Pitch Deck is For Businesses

The cover is one that immediately pitches a “for business“ concept. So that it wouldn‘t be confused with the average consumer app that creates stories. This is a pitch deck intended for business purposes.

Slide 2 — What‘s Snapchat?

A classic summary of what Snapchat is, who created it, what it does and some stats showcasing the user demographic. They‘re starting their story telling the way a novel starts. They‘re introducing the characters and the product.

Slide 3 — How‘s Snap different than Facebook?

They then start showcasing what makes them difference. At the moment of fundraising, Instagram and Facebook were dominant. So, it‘s a question that has to be answered as soon as possible.

Slide 4 — How does it work?

A clean way to show how Snapchat works. It‘s as direct as it could be.

Slides 5 & 6 — Snapper’s behavior

What are people using this app for? They start digging in to their user behavior to make it more personal. Showcasing the user experience with actual pictures is always a killer when it comes to pitch decks.

They‘re starting to brand the word “story“, so that the readers or investors remember them by that. Snapchat takes stories.

Slides 7 & 8 — Further Features

Followed by that, they started showcasing a few more features like the Chat and the Here features to convince the readers that they‘re not only about stories. That it‘s not just a trendy app.

Additionally, they‘re pitching “Our story“, a functionality meant to show the product being a global one.

Slide 9 — How to use it as a business

The details of how to use the application and how it works. This is essential for the readers to try it out in case they did not. The worse possible scenario is an investor who is trying to use it unsuccessfully then believing that the whole world will also fail in using it.

Slide 10 — This is a Business Snapchat Pitch Deck

Now they‘re showcasing the purpose of this deck. They‘re ready to expand this product to businesses. They‘re showing how it works for businesses as well to resolve all future questions.

Slide 11 & 12 — How to work it out

They continue to guide the businesses on how to use Snapchat by telling them what they can Snap. They‘re also guiding them and advising them to share it on other social media platforms as to increase their reach.

Slide 13 — People already started

A business use case is the best way to convey that this product actually works. That‘s what they‘re doing here. They‘re giving a live example of a business and what they‘re Snapping.

Slide 14 — How to see your progress

The final slide closes the deal by telling them how to view their stats and advising them to follow some recommended Snapchat accounts.

Verdict on the Snapchat Pitch Deck.

Even though multiple online resources say that this deck was used to raise funds, I‘m confidently informing you that this is not a pitch deck for investors. This almost has nothing to do with fundraising. This is a sales pitch to sign more businesses to use Snapchat.

The core of their business model is advertising, and for that, they need to sign as many companies as possible. Hence, this deck is actually more vital than the investor deck. I believe their actual pitch deck that was used for investments has a similarity with this one. Yet, it won‘t be digging in the details of how to sign up for a business account.

Instead, it would probably focus more on stats of growth and number of business users.

Create your own Snapchat Pitch Deck?

If you‘re the next Spiegel or Zuck, and you‘re interested in creating an investor pitch deck. Some of the freelancers on this website, in collaboration with me, worked on social media platform pitch decks. We‘ve heard some wild ideas over the years.

Here‘s a link to a person who could help you write your deck, if you‘re looking for that.

Aside from that, have a wonderful day!

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