Monthly Business Review Template (Google Slides)

Monthly Business Review Template

Each month is a new adventure in your life. But when you‘re a business, each month is a step forward. But are you sure you took a step forward? The only way to know is by checking your statistics. But let‘s take it a step forward by displaying your statistics in this monthly business review template.

This is a real-content template, which is a merge between a content-less template and an actual monthly business review of an existing company. Hence, I created this monthly business review for a company that I called NeuralMind, an AI startup that creates ML (machine learning) solutions for businesses. But that‘s just for my inspiration, you could base this on your company, whichever industry it‘s in.

Monthly Business Review Google Slides Template

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Let‘s start off by immediately providing you with the template with no ads or so. I hate it when online blogs do that. They just keep talking about why rice is important even though I just asked for the rice-to-water ratio (that‘s irrelevant but you understand my frustration.)

Don‘t forget to select “File“ and then “Make a copy“

Also, there are some charts and graphs there that are constructed with Google Sheets. So here is the original file for that as well.

Monthly Business Review Template Guide

Just to keep you in perspective, here are the details of how this RCT (real-content template) was created.


This first section of this RCT is just putting the monthly summary at the start. Usually, charts are the best way to display this. Hence, I chose to put a few charts in the first page with an overview of the company. Now, for your monthly review, you don‘t have to put details about your company if you‘re sending this internally. You could just summarize the month in a paragraph.


When there is good or bad news at the first page, the reader will move on to the next page to view the details. So, the game of numbers is dominating in this page. Additionally, a few textual paragraphs that state the highlights and challenges of this month would make this page perfect.


Finally, what‘s next? This ought to be conveyed in the last page of the monthly review. I‘d recommend as per the template a chart or some graphic to showcase that the future holds promise.

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