Sales Presentation Templates (Design Concepts)


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Our design concept for a client acts as sales presentation templates for you to freely use.

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I was teaming up with a client who had some interesting ideas, but they were struggling a bit with how to present them effectively. The issue was clear: great concepts, but online sales presentation templates weren’t doing them justice. That’s when we decided to bring in our designer to try and add a bit more clarity and appeal to the mix.

Our designer, practical and skilled at simplifying complex information, got to work on this. The aim was to create sales presentation templates that were straightforward and helped get the point across without too much fuss. No complicated matters, just focused on making the client’s ideas easier to follow and more engaging.

The result was a set of design concepts that acted as sales presentation templates. They’re decent, offering a cleaner, more organized way to present those sales pitches.

sales presentation templates (Numbers) sales presentation templates (Market)

As the design concepts took shape, we focused on usability and practicality. These sales presentation templates weren’t just about looking good; they were about function – getting the message across in the simplest, most effective way possible. We avoided the bells and whistles that often clutter presentations and distract from the core message. Instead, we honed in on clean layouts, easy-to-read fonts, and a structure that guided the audience through the presentation seamlessly.

Not over-the-top, just a useful tool to help make those presentations a bit more polished and effective. If you believe they’d be helpful to your entrepreneurial journey, download them for free!


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I’ve written more about this client experience on my substack.