AI Business Consultant (Startup Teaser Template)


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The startup teaser template that’s needed for an investment.

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I usually write about fictional companies. This time, though, I chose to write about our latest AI initiative that’s still being built, The numbers and most of the information are placeholders. But this is what the perfect startup teaser template should contain based on my ten year experience in the market.

Startup One Pager Template

The content is based on a simple approach – modules.

Each module above is what I deemed vital for my pitch. A module could be the team, financial table, timeline, etc.

In this template, the following are the modules chosen:

  • Elevator Pitch
  • Market (3 Modules)
  • Competition
  • Financial Chart
  • Financial Table
  • MRR
  • Team
  • Timeline

That’s what you need in my example of a startup teaser template. However, change the modules based on what matters to your startup and investor. That’s the only way you’ll be able to ace the pitch.

FAQ: Should I use a startup teaser or a pitch deck?

I recommend teasers. They’re just easier in terms of reading. You don’t have to look at different pages. Your eyes will go immediately toward the sections that you deem vital to them most. That’s why it’s been growing in popularity compared to business plans and pitch decks.

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