CoinNest (Inspired From Coinbase Pitch Deck)


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CoinNest is a real content template inspired by the Coinbase pitch deck.

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Coinbase has a market cap of more than $32 billion. But it all started with a pitch deck. We created CoinNest, a real content template based on the Coinbase pitch deck.

Contrary to our common RCTs, CoinNest is actually visual. This indicates that it needs images from your end to make the deck as you might picture it (The images below are not included and are just placeholders.)

We made sure to convey the problem, solution, timeline, and projections as these are quite critical when it comes to Coinbase as a business and will be as well for any other resembling business.

CoinNest Pitch Deck - Inspired from Coinbase Problem - Inspired from coinbase pitch deck Recent acquisition - Inspired from coinbase pitch deck Investment ask - Inspired from coinbase pitch deck Projections - inspired by the Coinbase Pitch Deck

Coinbase reshaped the crypto market. It now has quite a strong correlation with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Don’t be scared to try building your own Coinbase and it all starts with a pitch deck. You’ll never know unless you try.

We’ve seen clients who pitched us ideas and turned them into successful companies. It doesn’t always have to be either a unicorn or a failure. It could be one of the thousands that are highly successful but not on Forbes. Keep that in mind.

If you’re looking to build an amazing pitch deck with a storyboard from scratch, feel free to check some of our use cases right here.