EduTech Presentation – Aiducate

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Aiducate is an EduTech pitch of a fictional company that can be used freely.


EduTech is one of the most vital industries and markets of the future. 86% of the people worldwide get educated. They all pass through education one day or another. This is the pitch deck of Aiducate, a real-content template based on a company that merges AI with education.

EduTech Pitch Deck (Elevator) EduTech Pitch Deck (Product) EduTech EduTech Pitch Deck

This is the design concept of this fictional company. If you like it, feel free to download and use it as you please. Check out other templates here.

Aiducate is a concept that does not reflect another company called aiducate whatsoever. The idea of merging AI with education has always been there. However, with the rise of AI, we believe that the time is now.

The EduTech revolution is coming up based on our research and how people believe that education is outdated in most regions of the world.