AI Cloud Pitch Deck – Mynerva

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Mynerva is a real-content template of a pitch deck based on the integration of AI and the cloud.


Tech companies are competing to who gets the dominant cloud solution. Is it AWS? Azure? Google Cloud? So, we developed an AI cloud pitch deck.

AWS has been monopolizing this market for quite a while. Azure joined in and is competing. Taking all of that in consideration, I’ve designed this real content template of an imaginary AI company called Mynerva.

It’s product is simply a facilitation to make sure that a few customers would have the proper infrastructure to not lose time in the long run.

AI cloud pitch - Cloud solutions AI cloud pitch - Mynerva

Cloud services is a market that will keep on growing for a while. AI is pushing the limits of it and will only be operated from there.

At the moment, Nvidia is focusing on this with their cloud solutions as well. They know that every future company will need to incorporate AI and none will have the resources to do so. So what’s the solution? Using the cloud for such tasks.

AWS grew beyond the imagination of Jeff Bezos. Azure beyond the dreams of Microsoft. Nowadays, every giant is competing for a piece of the cloud.

Feel free to download and use this AI cloud pitch deck as you please. Also, if you’re creating a startup or raising investments, you should definitely check this out.