Raise Your Rates — Freelancer’s Guide To Selling A $3000 Service

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A guide to selling a $3k service as a freelancer from a ten year business consultant.


Raise Your Rates

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Your potential client asks for the budget. Your mind gets into a risk analysis phase in milliseconds. It thinks of all the possible scenarios that you could pitch. The truth is, you want to pitch exactly the price that the client could pay as a maximum.

You don‘t want to ask them about their budget—Why would anyone pay more if they can pay less?  But your mind also thinks, “I don‘t want to lose this sale. So I‘d better pitch a lower price. Whatever it is, it‘s better than zero.“  You eventually feel that it‘s a gamble and you‘re trying to beat the odds.

I’ve been freelancing for over ten years. My first freelancing job was worth $30. My last one was worth over $6000. The two jobs are quite similar in terms of output. The only difference is that I learned how to pitch. It wasn‘t a gamble anymore.

Let me introduce you to my world of pitching and help you pitch a service worth $3000 or more. With the AI technological shift that‘s occurring in our world, you will need to raise your rates.


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