• Tesla Pitch Deck (With Envisioned Designed Version)

    Tesla Pitch Deck (With Envisioned Designed Version)

    Introduction It’s safe to say that Tesla has changed the twenty-first century. They’ve tapped into an industry that everyone believed could not produce value. They created products that both helped the environment and raised the bar. If you’re like me, then you’ll want to see the Tesla pitch deck that started it all. I’ve seen…

  • Uber Pitch Deck

    Uber Pitch Deck


    Uber was silicon valley’s favorite baby until it turned out to be full of internal problems. Yet, aside from all of that, Uber is an innovative product that every entrepreneur knows. Why? Well, because, like Facebook, you could’ve come up with the idea for Uber. It’s not complex, and it tackles an actual problem. Hence,…

  • Airbnb Pitch Deck


    Airbnb created a pitch deck in the past that made generations of people follow their footsteps. It became a mark in the pitch deck world. Why? Because they created a simple and beautiful pitch deck. Replicating it, while sometimes could work, is not the best practice. Getting inspired from it however, is a wise action…

  • Venture Capital Deck

    Venture Capital Deck


    Creating a venture capital deck is not easy. The best VCs have a finely tuned sense of the industry and how to evaluate your business plan. They will be looking for quantitative evidence around traction and market share and financial material ideas for product or feature roadmaps. As an entrepreneur, your job is to convince…