How To Start A Sports Facility Business in 2023

A sports facility business is an excellent idea for anyone really into sports. Why? Because it’s a business that requires a lot of effort and work, in my opinion. You will not be able to put all in for a company you believe brings good money to your pocket. You should be a sports enthusiast and freak to make this work. Sports facility businesses are growing and booming, and it’s definitely a field worth exploring. So, without keeping you waiting, let’s take a moment and understand more about how to start a sports facility business. I will also give you some ideas on Albusi’s professional services to help you kick-start this easily.

So, let’s dive more into this.

How To Start A Sports Facility Business

Honestly, this will not be your typical section going through the memorized steps of developing a business plan, choosing a target segment, finding a good location, and marketing for your business. I think you already know these by heart.

So, what am I going to add here to this?

Two things, simple yet deal-breaking.

Come Up With Your Own Sports (my favorite tip on how to start a sports facility business)

No, you will not invent sports. But you can definitely find some new ones that are already there but not that popular in your area or location. This, for sure, will make you a pioneer (Competition is wild in this field, and I will tell you more about that shortly. We have a lot of sports facilities in our area, but one that I know of has wall running (a fascinating sport to watch that involves running up, down, and across walls!). Why not think about sports that are not very common and that would excite many people of your target to try out?

Don’t Be Very Keen On Memberships.

I know how weird it sounds. But hear this out.

Of course, market for your business and increase your memberships. However, don’t do this too much to the extent that your sports facility becomes unorganized and full of people who can’t enjoy your services. So, plan out your sales very well to both profit you and increase customer satisfaction. You can design schedules that fit certain target groups while excluding others. Plan how you would want to handle your walk-ins, too. Just having a plan down there to keep your numbers up while not pushing people away from crowdedness is a good strategy in this industry.

Things You Need To Watch Out For

As I told you, it takes genuine admiration for sports. To pull this business. You have to know about sports and the industry in general to be able to take care of your business.

A couple of things that you need to keep an eye on when managing a sports facility business include:


From my very close circle, two entrepreneurs and sports lovers started their own sports facility. So competition is real. Every day, the industry throws out new ideas and different trends for sports. You must keep your unique selling proposition (USP) strong and in sight. Specialized programs, well-known trainers, distinctive tools, and machinery can all be good ideas for UPS. Also, I encourage you to come with your own sports as I told you above.


The whole industry went to a halt during COVID-19. This was a really dark time for any sports facility.

Yes, things have changed. However, this does not mean that your membership subscribers care about this any less now. So, I am just reminding you that it is very important you follow apparent hygiene and safety measures in your facility.

Apart from the cleanliness measures here, safety also means that whoever is visiting your facility does not leave broken or injured. It is essential to hire staff and trainers to monitor during emergencies and know what they must do.

Final Thoughts – How To Start A Sports Facility Business With Some Amazing Services

I hope these gave you some idea of what to consider when planning your business model in the same industry or other sports-related industries. And as I promised at this piece’s beginning, we have your back. Many downloadable pitch decks and business plan templates are available on Albusi’s website. These will give you an idea to write your elevator pitch, problem statement, the solutions that you are proposing, financial projections, and investment asks for your sports facility business.

In addition, the Albusi team can craft a one-of-a-kind pitch deck just for you! This is another exceptional service to entrepreneurs that you should check out. The linked page will tell you more about what our previous clients say about this service. So, do not hesitate to ask if you want a pitch deck designed or written by Albusi.

And, of course, if you’re out of time and want a consultant to help you get this right, you can always contact one of our freelancers. They will help you with everything you need for your sports facility business and help you pitch it to others.

I highly recommend that.

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