Escape Room Business: How To Start A Profitable One

Escape rooms were never on my radar as a business topic to write about or a startup idea to consider until I tried it myself a couple of weeks ago. How was the experience? Both rewarding and frustrating! It was fun in many senses, and to be honest, it is such a good business idea that targets people of all ages. However, the business needs some tweaks to catch the attention of others in the right way and build a good customer base. So, as an entrepreneur, you need to be enthusiastic enough about the idea to create an enjoyable experience for your audience. I am sure you are excited and amused enough since you already googled the topic to start such a business. And so as not to keep you waiting, let’s talk more about the escape room business and how to create one easily.

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What is An Escape Room Business?

When you visit escape rooms, you choose a mystery room to enter and get locked in. You and the other players must solve some puzzles and riddles to escape within a specific time. If your time is out and you haven’t been able to solve all the clues that open your door, then you have lost. The business activities are so much fun, and you can get as innovative as you want when you plan it.

In general, escape room experiences are becoming more popular every day. I was surprised to see how many corporate events now include escape room outing ideas (this is how I tried it, by the way).

If you are interested, check out how Deloitte adopted a similar idea in their workplace.

Ideas To Consider in Your Escape Room Business

Now, let me tell you some ideas from a user’s point of view when it comes to planning your business.

Plan Really Good Riddles

I know this can sound very clear to anyone planning a business based on solving riddles. However, from what I have experienced, things can take another turn. You need to hire a team to design these things professionally. The room I got to enter had some terrible hints that blocked out our thinking.

Another good thing is always to provide variety. People in the escape room would love to be able to use their minds differently. Think about using props, decorations, and even actors to bring the escape room story to life. And, of course, to remind you, avoid using overused or clichéd puzzles.

A good idea to consider here is to conduct a mock-up of your escape room before you list it in your program. You can invite friends of your team or relatives you can trust.

Provide Easy Booking Experiences

When I googled escape rooms near my area, I found many options. The selling point here was choosing the ones I could book easily, one I don’t need to call to reserve.

Ensure you have a good functioning working website that lists the pricing, required age group, and a book here button. Link your website with your other social media platforms and allow booking on these, too. Social media posts and paid ads with book now clicks grasp the attention of many people, too. So, don’t underestimate the power of easy booking.

Request Frequent Reviews and Feedback

It is essential that you ask people who have experienced your escape rooms to write reviews. That was another crucial factor that made us decide on the escape room experience we chose. Thoughts attract both exciting and new customers to your business. People would want to know how much the new escape room experience you listed is a must-try.

Location Matters

Be close to your target and where your idea will be spread quickly and powerfully.

The location of the escape room we visited is fantastic. It was close to a food court, had accessible, easy parking, and near a very well-known shopping area. These factors, by far, made the business approachable. Remember, you want people to come experience more of your rooms with other groups of people in their lives. If your spot is not very welcoming and accessible, this can affect the business’s long-term growth.

Final Touch

I am unsure what phase your business is in or what you are looking for exactly when you scroll through this post. However, if you find these ideas very basic and that you need next-level talk about this hear this out:

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