The Rise of the Kids’ Amusement Park Business

I will not tell you about this specific business if I haven’t encountered a recent incident with a related one myself. However, I am not addressing the kids’ amusement park business with a personal note or from a customer’s perspective only. I will tell you more about this business from the entrepreneur’s point of view. Since you already researched the keyword, you are already very much invested in the topic and would like to hear more. In my recent encounter, I spotted some setbacks that could most probably drown a kid’s amusement park business. Therefore, I will take the time to look through both lenses, the consumer’s and the entrepreneur’s, to give you the best of both worlds.

Ready for some ideas to cash in on the kids’ amusement park craze?

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Research To Back Up A Kids’ Amusement Park Business Idea

You probably need some context and figures to back up this business idea, too. So, let me give you one.

A recent Deloitte piece in 2023 on the global entertainment and leisure market dedicated a section to theme parks. This one brings so much great news for the industry since it depicts overall regional growth and boom for the next five years. Also, with VR experiences, personalization, and leveraging technologies, amusement parks are expected to attract more generations than before.

Also, another interesting piece on experiential tourism highlighted how amusement parks for the whole family capitalize on this trend of tourists exploring authentic and fun experiences wherever they go.

I hope this has made you even more excited about the idea of engaging in this business.

Customer Experience Testimony

I am the customer, and I will give you my testimony.

A couple of weeks ago, I took my niece and nephew to visit one of the well-known amusement parks in our area. It’s not a local one; it’s in many countries. The booking experience was online, smooth, and hassle-free. So, there are no wrongdoings here. So, what are things that I, as a customer, can tell you to have you plan this in a better way?

Here’s what I believe you should consider.

Quality Over Quantity

The moment they wrapped our entrance bands around our hands, it became nothing but chaos and noise. What happened there? The place was overcrowded with millions of kids and parents in every corner and lining in front every game, and this was not even a weekend. The policy of the place does not take into consideration the number of final visitors to the park. This is by far the worst thing ever. If you are aiming to offer a fun experience to both the kids and parents, make sure you don’t overbook the place. What we ended up doing was spending hours queuing to attend any of the experiences there. We spent fours overall in the place. Do you want to guess how many experiences we managed to go into? TWO! Crazy, right? You have to create a system that ensures a great trip for families, never jeopardizing the quality here.

Get An Educational Pro When Planning Your Themes

There was an instruction board in front of every game/experience that served as an info sheet to help players enjoy this game. I have no idea who prepared this because whoever did was unaware of the different learnings each age group can handle. I saw children entering games where they understood nothing about what was happening. How can this be amusing to any kid? It is very very important that someone checks the themes inside the amusement park and how well they fit each group. Because when you don’t do that, kids get bored of the place and wish to never come back.

Think About Both: Parents and Kids

My last dying wish. When you plan a business that is based on bringing both parents and their children, make sure you accommodate both their needs. I only needed a chair to relax on for a couple of minutes until the kids finished. Better luck next time; I did not find any. How can you expect me to come back to this place with my kids?

Some Essential Help For Your Kids’ Amusement Park Business

Whether you need to plan this from scratch as a rising entrepreneur or you need help getting more ideas from a user’s lens, we have got you covered.

So, what do you think you need to kick-start this?

Two things: tools and experience. And we can provide you with as much as you need from both.

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These are all my ideas about the kids’ amusement park business.

Think about how the industry is growing, the market opportunity, and the support you can get to start that successfully.

Happy Learning!

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