How To Start A Glitter Business – Your Guide for 2023

How to start a glitter business, image created by Midjourney
How to start a glitter business, the image created by Midjourney.

Have you ever thought you could start a profitable business model by selling wholesale glitter? Believe it or not, you can! Glitter is a complementary component used in the making of a variety of objects. This makes glitter a good-selling product on the list of many businesses. To help you get this right, this post gives you the dos to know how to start a glitter business.

Imagine yourself owning a shimmery business that adds glow and beauty to different pieces by selling customers your glitters. Having this picture in mind, you must have already imagined a colorful shiny online/offline store that grabs the attention of others. To help you plan the details of this business, let’s picture this:

The people walking into your glitter store

Glitter is used for decorative purposes to make products more attractive. To help start your customers list for your glitter business, let’s brainstorm the different uses of glitter and what industries will buy it from you.

You will find that glitter is used in the making of:

  • Textiles and clothes
  • Food and beverage (icings, chocolate, candy, etc.)
  • Home decor pieces
  • Arts and crafts
  • Cosmetics (makeup, nail polish, etc.)
  • Paper decorations (greeting cards, gift wrapping, etc.)
  • Seasonal decorations (Christmas lights, Halloween costumes, etc.)

Through your glitter business, you can target single individuals who request small amounts and factories that require large ones regularly.

You need to study the market you are getting into and decide on the target you will sell your glitter to. As we always mention, when you do your homework first and know what is already out there, you can find the market gap and factors that will help differentiate your product.

Inside your glitter store…

After studying how things work in the glitter market, it’s time to grab a paper and pen and start your business plan.

Manufacturing or sourcing?

Will you manufacture your glitter or source from other manufacturers?

If you choose to source, your primary business will focus on selling the glitter instead of making them from scratch. The amount of money you plan to invest in your glitter business will help you decide this. If you manufacture your own, you will need to buy the required equipment, have the needed space, and hire and pay people to complete the production (or learn to complete the job on your own). On the other hand, if you decide to source, you will have different tasks to complete. For example, finding more than one manufacturer and organizing the delivery of glitter to your or your potential customer’s place.

Online or offline?

In all cases, I would like you to build a solid online presence for your business. Also, I would suggest you start as an online business and expand afterward. Then, when you decide to go online only, you save all costs associated with renting a place for your business. Later, when your sales increase, you can open your glitter place and market for it.

What makes people buy glitter from your store?

It is essential to think about the value proposition you are adding to your potential clients through your business.

Is it your price? Your quality? Your unique packaging?

How do you plan to attract customers to your glitter business? What are you offering differently?

Answering the above questions will determine the story you tell to others about your business. Also, it will help you know how to market your glitter business.

Telling the story of your glitter business – your marketing plan

Whether you go online or offline in your glitter business, you must invest in digital marketing!

Getting the word out to boost your brand and customer awareness is especially important for new businesses. Social media is an excellent tool for promoting your glitter business.

Create a website for your business and link it to your social media accounts. This may be an additional cost, but this will help you save time and effort in managing your business overall. A website allows customers to head directly and place an order to buy your glitter easily. Also, we all know the hassle business startup owners have to go into answering different questions through social media channels that rarely end up in a complete purchase. Another important thing is that your website will be linked to your glitter inventory, automating the out-of-stock message whenever you run out of your glitter. This saves you from angry customers who will find your glitter unavailable after placing orders on social media channels.

For an affordable yet time-consuming route, you can create your website using services similar to WordPress. However, if you want to be more technology-oriented and have the budget, you can hire a web developer to customize a website for your glitter business.

Because I strongly suggest you have a solid digital marketing plan, I would like you to learn how to do this correctly. Of course, you can continually educate yourself through relevant online courses on digital marketing and keep yourself updated on the different tools.

Also, could you go through this piece related to using paid ads and how to get that the right way for your business?

Safety comes first: Test your glitter

Because glitter is used in the industry of materials that touch the skin, you need to ensure that your glitter is safe to be used by all skin types. Also, remember if a buyer publishes negative feedback on one of your social media channels, this can affect your sales volume.

Also, please know all other related health concerns associated with glitter. For example, glitter can result in harmful effects if swallowed or gets in the eyes of people or pets.

Another thing to keep in mind to make your glitter business legit, the FDA requires that edible glitter list its ingredients on the package.

Always grow your network for your glitter business

Take advantage of every relevant chance to talk about your glitter business and let others know about it. Of course, you always want to start all conversations that can affect increasing the revenue stream of your glitter business. It’s also essential to keep yourself involved in events, meetings, and outings that connects you with people who have similar interests and entrepreneurial qualities.

Let’s get you “glittered”

To get to the bottom of this, creating a solid business plan with clear, actionable, and backed-up-by-research steps will help you start a glitter business successfully. Then, you can become the go-to person for all things sparkly in your area with a shiny name for your brand, a strong marketing plan, and pitching your company to others.

Always test the safety of your glitter batches and look for ways to improve and scale up your business.

Finally, if you’re out of time and would like a consultant to help you plan this, here’s a detailed gig from one of our freelancers. I highly recommend it.

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