Consulting Pitch Deck – Focused on Clients and Investors

Consulting Pitch Deck
Consulting Pitch Deck

I’ve recently encountered a client who was looking for a marketing consulting pitch deck for his agency. He needed to convince clients to sign up for his services and investors to invest possibly. This was quite a challenge, as a typical pitch deck is directed toward an investor. Yet, a consulting pitch deck has to be kind of a joker card to be used with either clients or investors.

Since it’s a tricky deck, this read aims to help explore the typical consulting pitch deck.

A Consulting Pitch Deck Pitches Trust

You’re not selling a product like the iPhone, nor are you selling a service like Airbnb. You’re looking to help out the reader in their everyday business life. In a nutshell, You’re looking to become the consultant they need rather than one that is an optional addition.

A consulting pitch deck, in this case, goes a long way. It’s as if you’re having a sales conversation with that reader while having hundreds of competitors. You might be better, but if you lose the reader, then it won’t matter.

Before discussing my preferred structure for a consulting pitch deck, you need to know one element – studying the reader is what matters the most. You need to know who will read it and what they want to hear.

This is essentially stage 0 before starting to work out a pitch deck.

Consulting Deck Structure

Think of this deck as a journey. But rather than experiencing the journey spontaneously, we will predict everything that will happen. That is because we aim to decrease the failure rate as much as possible.

Let’s do this.

Part 1 – A killer introduction

If you’re in the sales game, then you know how important the first meeting is. The reader of this deck knows you want to get their money. Most people are very sensitive and overprotective when it comes to their money. So this deck actually aims to calm them down or to allow them to trust you.

The introduction slide has to have content that readers (investors or clients) can relate to. That’s the only way they would actually be interested in buying your consulting experience.

This could consist of one or two slides. But it should focus on grasping the attention and letting the investor relate to why you exist.

Part 2 – Credibility all the way

Now that they have their guard down and can relate to the problem you are trying to solve, you need to establish trust. The only way to do that is by bragging about your credibility points. That could be a big client, years of experience, or a few portfolio items that are impressive.

This could be two to three slides. You have to showcase credibility but don’t show too much of it, as you’ll be perceived as if you’re arrogant.

Part 3 – Consulting services

Cut to the chase at this stage. Tell them what you can offer and how much it would cost. Don’t be deceptive or vague. You will do X for the price of Y. That’s it.

This, optimally, would be only a single slide. You will want them to remember this slide, and for that, it has to be brief.

Part 4 – Take home message

If you’re keeping the momentum as anticipated, then you need to close. They already know everything about your consulting. This is where you showcase your deal breaker. It could be that you’re leaving your best feature till the end. For example, “We’re in talks to get acquired by Microsoft.” or “We have over 3,000,000 clients.” are valid strong ending statements.

This has to be a single slide; do not forget to put it in your contact information.

Finally, research as many consulting pitch decks as you can.

This is not part of your consulting pitch deck. But it is quite vital. You need to know how big consultants like Mckinsey and Deloitte pitch their services. Of course, you won’t get their exact pitch, but you can grasp this the more you read their content.

While those won’t be exactly what you’re going to create, understand the market and aim to create a consulting pitch deck that competes with the giants.

Finally, if you’re interested in collaborating, I select a few clients to work with monthly. Here’s an example of a venture capital deck that resembles the consulting pitch deck with all its details.

Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

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