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Intelligent Competing is a series of 3 slides that you could use in your pitch deck to showcase the pitch deck competition slide.

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WeThe pitch deck competition slide could make or break your investment. When you need a pitch deck, you need to showcase competitors. This micro RCT (real content template) is a series of 3 slides that you can use to show how you’re better.

There are three types to be discussed:

  • Market Cap of Competitors/Industry Leaders: This slide allows companies to display the market capitalization of their competitors or industry leaders. By showcasing this financial data, businesses can highlight the scale and economic strength of their competition. This provides a clear picture of where they stand in comparison to market giants.

  • Position in the Competition XY Chart: The slide includes a competition XY chart, a visual tool for companies to position themselves against their competitors. This chart can plot various factors such as market share, growth rate, innovation, customer base, or other relevant metrics. It serves as a critical visual aid to demonstrate where the company fits in the competitive landscape, emphasizing its unique position and potential growth trajectory.

  • How We Do Things Better: The final slide is dedicated to articulating the company’s unique value proposition and competitive advantages. This is where you can highlight what sets your startup apart. For instance, that could be superior technology, better customer service, innovative products, or cost efficiencies. This part of the template is crucial for convincing investors of the company’s unique strengths and why it stands out in a crowded market.

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PS. We obtained some of the market caps for this pitch deck competition slide from companiesmarketcap.com

This is a micro-RCT. If you are not familiar with RCTs, check out our directory of templates. They could be very helpful to your startup.