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Previous Work Samples

If you need further work samples, let me know your industry to share a similar project with you.

Being in the business world, it’s not easy to understand the market. Experts from all the world are mistaken every single day. The truth is, everyone is trying to understand the world of business. You and I included.

I am Sabry, a business consultant working with Albusi for over two years. I’ve closed work with companies that are valued at over $10m+ in various sectors. Here’s what I can promise you.

You and I will collaborate to reach a perfect outcome. If I tell you that I would create the perfect pitch deck or business plan, then that wouldn’t be fair. Hence, the only way this could be done is if we both work on creating it.

I’ve recently been more involved in one of the markets that are booming in my opinion-FinTech.
Working in the world of fintech and combining the world of crypto with it is apparently what made a lot of companies successful in the previous year. Additionally, I try not to confine myself, and that’s why I worked in agriculture, health tech, nft, manufacturing, f&b, amongst other industries.

Also, if you ask me what makes my clients like my work, then I’d say it’s my methodology. I go above and beyond to see what’s right for your business. Hence, you can rest assured that I won’t be shy or lie to you to impress. If you are doing something imperfectly, I will inform you that this is impractical and explain why.

While I am not too often on LinkedIn, you can connect with me (A. Sabry) there.