Anil Sensoz

Anil Sensoz - Global Markets Analyst
Anil Sensoz – Global Markets Analyst

Anil Sensoz
Global Markets Analyst

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People look for global market analysts on a daily basis. However, they can’t find the perfect match. A business consultant working with you on understanding your business is similar to your phone. It’s something you can not let go of. I aim to always achieve the perfect sync with my clients. I’m Anil, an Albusi global markets analyst. I’ve worked on this website with over 50 clients.

I worked in multiple industries. Yet, my favorites are the ones that are trending: NFTs and Cryptocurrency for example. Trending industries teach a person a lesson that can not be taught anywhere else. The way such an industry climbed to become a behemoth in almost no time is impressive. I work on creating information memorandums, whitepapers, one-pagers, pitch decks, and many more services.

Many clients would vouch for the fact that they can rely on me when it comes to time constraints. They’d go like, “Anil, we need the whitepaper done in around a week because of an investor meeting.”

Some consultants would say that that’s not how they work. Yet, if I am not focused on getting you an investment, then I am not doing a very good job.

Global Market Analyst

In terms of global market analysis, my process is quite straightforward. Researching the world requires patience and insight. When I start my research, I disregard many online sources as they are projections. Most websites don’t have credible information. They have what I call projected nonsense.

Hence, I focus on results that are guaranteed to be factual. From there, it becomes easier.

While I am not too often on LinkedIn, you can connect with me (Anil Sensoz) there.